The Photos Are Finally Uploaded

I didn't take a ton of photos like I normally do, however they're up for you to check out. Just click on the photo then you're taken to the flickr website, I hope you can see the slideshow (just click the slideshow on the lower right side of the main pic) as I didn't upload in order. Enjoy.


Missing Bangkok

So, I'm back in Seoul and have been since Saturday night. It's strange to be back and to not have a ton to do or a lesson plan to write. I've caught up on my sleep and starting to oversleep. :(

So I still don't know why I rushed to come back without enjoying my time in Bangkok, I thought I would be in Japan right now sorting out my work visa for a new job that I thought would start right away, however that's not the case. I had an interview, I think I interviewed them more than they did with me, apparently I had the job before I walked into the centre. They are to open 7 more schools (public elementary school) and I'm one of the teachers for one school, but they decided to open in November instead of October leaving me to sit around for a month, normally that would be okay, however I haven't had a job since August and I'm what you call BROKE and I have rent due in a couple of weeks. Also I was super late to meet them, like 30 mins late. Why??? Cause I didn't think it would take me 90 mins to get there as I allotted an hour thinking that would be the most I would travel each way to work everyday. So, do I really want to wait for this job, as I also have to consider the cost of traveling, and I'm really upset with the turnout as I contacted them in August for the job and things seemed sorted then, before I went to Thailand, and now this. I could of tried for so many other positions and now I'm scrambling as to what to do.

The good jobs are wanting to start in November or December so it looks like I would have to wait, or maybe take up part-time positions that actually makes more money however I wouldn't be granted a working visa and..... You can figure out the rest!

Then I thought well if I have to wait for a month and most jobs pay for the flights to Korea, then I could go home to Canada and visit my family as this seems to be a good time. My mum had an accident where she shattered a few bones in her hand and broke her arm and needed surgery to have pins put in, plus I have no idea where my parents live, they moved house in August and are about 175km South of Calgary.

Decisions, decisions, I'm always faced with making major decisions!!! :(

Sorry no pics for a while, I lost my camera USB cable, I think I left it in Hong Kong as I left many things there! Grrrrrrr!!!!