What's a pic in Japan without Hello Kitty?

Just got back from a visa run in Osaka yesterday and I'm happy to be home. I walked so much my feet were aching, I wanted to see as much as I could in just two nights and almost three days!

Osaka was much warmer than Seoul even though it rained most of the time, but what I loved about Japan were the Japanese. Even though Osaka is highly populated I wasn't pushed or bumped or hurried along with the crowds. I was even on a packed train, I mean PACKED! But it wasn't so bad as there were no elbows poking me in odd places as I was taller than most people.

The food was okay, however the desserts were fun but a little expensive. I tried to do lots and wished I got up early to maybe take a train to Kyoto or Kobe, but I was dead tired. I didn't get much sleep before the trip due to my evil neighbors that fought all night Friday, then partied Saturday then I was up at 5 am Sunday for Japan.

Tomorrow I start working, its been a long time, I think since the end of July or something??? Anyway I hope to wake up on time! My friends did ask me out today but I'm so tired, it's ridiculous!!!

Wish me luck on my first day :)