In love with Nissan Figaro

I've seen this car, in and around Seoul and here in Alberta, and after searching and searching the Internet to find out what it is, I'm just in love with this car. Wish I knew about it earlier! Oh well :D


Wallpaper Creativity

So you know that I love interior design and how could I not with the beautiful wallpapers that are coming out these days?!?!   The samples below are just a few of the many creative designs that are out there.  Have fun :D


Cheeky Nado In a Craft Fair

I had a table at the Chestermere Lake Christmas Around The World festival.  I was excited and worked more than ten hours a day in the week proceeding the sale.  However, Southern Alberta had a huge snow fall and a major drop in temperature with a windchill of -35 Celsius, so who wants to even leave their home?  I know I didn't want to and the idea of driving was a scary thought.  But luckily we made it into the city but it took us two hours to drive in, normally it's only an hour, but visibility was bad.  Despite all the effort of getting there, my poor mother and I sat all day entertaining the idea of a sale ~ but not one :(   Unfortunately the only people who were there at the community centre were the parents of junior hockey teams that continued with their games and classes.  A few vendors packed up and left around lunch time as it was a waste of their time, and to be honest it was an expensive way to sit around in the cold!!!

Never the less I am in the process in getting my stuff online with Etsy.com I have to take a million photos, as I ended up making:
  • 68 pairs of earrings
  • 6 black necklaces
  • 48 Gocco printed x-mas cards
  • 8 moustache necklaces
  • 11 santa beard necklaces 
Fingers crossed that this will go a lot better than the craft fair.  I really wish there were Canadian Renegade Craft Fairs or more tables available at the art fair in Kensington ~ I did try.  
Wish me luck :)