Long-life Necklace

Cheeky went to Hong Kong in the search of happiness, she ate bird's nest sundaes and drank mango and sago drinks which was all good for her but she really liked this longevity necklace. She thinks you would like it more!  Check out more photos of the necklace in my Etsy shop.  www.cheekynado.etsy.com

Sorry I didn't have any pictures of the bird's nest sundae's, but the pic above is of my favourite chain of drink restaurants in Hong Kong.  If you're ever there, you should try the drinks. However I advise you to stay away from the brown drinks, I tried it once and found out that it was turtle jelly drink ~ apparently it's good for you!  

Oh and if you want to try the bird's nest sundae which you can here, check out the photo (in the menu on the tables) of translucent jellyish looking stuff on top of ice-cream or mango, they say it's good for your skin. 


More Giveaways

Rainbow Swirlz has some more giveaways check out her blog!  

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My dresser is out there :)

Interesting, I was reading Rozzie Jewelry tonight and saw her posting about Googling her name.  I haven't done this in a while and now that I finally have Google Analytics up and running for this blog I thought I'd give it a go.  And this is what I found when looking for "shazzbazz".  I am so happy that someone noticed my dresser, I did try to get it out there, but several months later I'm super elated to see it was on one of my favourite websites, Apartment Therapy ~ yay!  

And searching for "Cheeky Nado" my Etsy shop is right on top!!!  However my Artfire shop seems non-existent.  Oh, I'm also working on some prints in my Etsy shop, so do keep checking. And for all of my family in the UK and friends in Asia, yes, I do ship internationally :)

Good night :)


Killer's Paradise

Tonight I watched a documentary “Killer’s Paradise” and my goodness I’ve never seen something strong so severe that I really was so angry and so sad for all the victims. The documentary was on the murders of women in Guatemala and how violent and brutal these killings are. It’s mind boggling just how cruel we humans can be to each other, something I will never understand.

Olenka Frenkiel and Giselle Portenier did a fantastic job on documenting these brutal killings. They follow several families that have lost a loved one, interview rapists and speak with the Guatemalan president. It’s horrifying to see that there is no motive to investigate these murders and the reasons to not seek out evidence is absurd, saying, she’s a nobody because she had sandals and a navel piercing, they are quick to place blame on the victim. The victims’ families that pursue the police to further the investigation are then harassed themselves.

The interview with the rapists got me really angry and sad for the nation. One had raped a 17 year old the other 12 and the third had raped a 7 year-old girl, and they all claimed they were innocent as they blamed women!!! They said that the girls are going out without supervision and dressing in ways that provoke harassment, these were girls for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the idea that women are the enemy that was taught during the 36 years of civil war that tore the country apart. They thought that the women are the ones that bore rebels so they are the enemy – why oh why is it always the women???

The numbers are rising. There was one story of a 15 year old that was raped and luckily escaped murder but her rapist had the audacity to give her family an ultimatum that she marries this monster or the house will be burned with all the other family members. Apparently the rapist can right his wrongs if he marries the victim ~ WTF???? The family chose not to marry their daughter the father said, “my daughter is not a dog”.

See the documentary if you can, we need to raise the awareness!

Click here for the trailer "Killer's Paradise"

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Another Great Giveaway with Rainbow Swirlz

Another giveaway with Rainbow Swirlz!!!  Check out her site to see what's up and enter yourself to win a pillow from Robins Egg Pink who has an abundance of fantastic handmade products.  All you have to do is check out Robins Egg Pink choose the product that you like and leave a comment on Rainbow Swirlz's blog and don't forget to subscribe to the blog!

What's my favourite product from the shop, well it's.......

Yep, it's the Mod Blue Pillow!


Give Away Via Rainbow Swirlz

Ooh, don't you just love it when you stumble upon greatness such as giveaways!  Well Charmdesign is giving away this scrumptious zip pouch via Rainbow Swirlz blog!   What do you have to do to enter?  Well comment on your favourite design in Charmdesign's shop and you're entered to win!  But hurry cause the deadline is Feb 11th ~ oops I had better get a move on!

My favourite design from Charmdesign's shop.

Hhmmmm for some odd reason the Etsy mini code wasn't working :(