Daily Creativeness 5: Cheeky Brooches

Wow, the new year is something else, I sure hope this is just a bad month. My grandmother was discharged from hospital on Monday after being admitted twice in the last two weeks. We honestly thought we may lose her, but my goodness she's a fighter!

We did though lose our accountant, who was quite a lively soul, each time we visited her she would talk and talk and talk. But now she's gone and a sudden death too, she died way too young as she was just 52! RIP Jolene!

My one friend was also stressed out as her father had surgery during the same week I was spending time in the hospital looking after my grandmother. Luckily her father is okay but to hear that her brother may not, is quite a blow and I really hope that he is well!

2009 just has to get better, I know this is the year of greatness after all there's a new President in the world arena that just may make sense of things ~ here's hoping and believing!

I also did some work since coming home this weekend as sitting in the hospital for over a week is just no fun at all! I listed the items below on my Etsy shop so check them out :)

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Daily Creativeness 4: Cheeky Wonderland

I spent the day cleaning up my studio space as the mess what driving me nuts, I need stuff in place. I like to pull out the materials I need depending on what project I'm working on. I love to use my Gocco, draw, make jewelry and sculpt, so you can imagine things can get crazy.

I did the 1111 show in Calgary last Sunday and I have mixed feeling about the show. I thought it would be a great way to network and even meet new friends, but some people can be snooty or just odd. I did talk to a few and boy, I sure felt old telling them I graduated from ACAD 13 years ago ~ where did the time go?

Anyway the show was a great opportunity for artists of all kinds to come out and show their work, however there is no chance for it to be curated so it can be a bit messy. I did appreciate some of the explicit artworks were in a space that was monitored as there were children around, and I'm not one for erotica art that to me seems borderline pornographic. I mean I like the Japanese erotic art or even some artists like Whitney Lee, but not guys painting nothing but high realism details of female parts, with female on female all over.

I was glad that I got to have a space almost to myself.

Cheeky Wonderland was inspired by many artists, like my friend Lim, Hee-jeong, Ren Lee (photos taken by my awesome friend Nayan Sthankiya) and some others I found on Flickr: marrazkiak and BoM-va + cOmeTA ! 2b.



Daily Creativeness 3: My World & Sarang Bites

My World, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!.

Well seeing that I'm taking part in 1111 art event I thought I should add some new pieces, and as usual I seem to do well with deadlines and so far it's 3am and two drawings done.

Back to work I go!

1111 Home One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven

This weekend is going to be different ~ yay 2009!

I'm in a group show 1111 Home One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven where one thousand one hundred and eleven artists join forces to build a strong and diverse community of individuals. The culmination of their efforts is an exhibition from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on 01/11/2009 in Calgary.

It's the first time to be showing my art in Calgary since I graduated from ACAD back in 1998! OMG it's 11 years, I just realized the number LOL how fitting, gosh things are looking up! I've had shows just not in Calgary I was a member of Anyang Young Artists group which is just outside of Seoul, I was fortunate enough to be in a few of their shows as well as "art in the park" where some of my work was stolen :( I also was in the Minority Report show last January in Insadong, Seoul. So I've been active. However I really need to do some new work, I've been focusing on Cheeky Nado, that I haven't had time to create my own art, which I still want to push.

I'm also meeting up with Amanda and maybe a few other people I hope as we are planning to make a fun night of it, and I think the two of us deserve it. I haven't been dancing since Korea! Also the weather has been nasty, today the road was like a stage with dry ice, it would be fun if I was disco-ing but not to drive ~ however it was beautiful, I've never experienced a snowdrift storm before, I guess it's similar to a sandstorm.

Well folks hopefully I can find my old camera in my storage while I dig up my paintings and warm boots as my baby Canon is still not working ~ damn I forgot to call the service centre!


Storque Showcase on Etsy

I'm in the Storque Showcase on Etsy today, so let's hope this brings some business. I've been spending a lot of time trying to promote Cheeky Nado. It's not easy, I wish I paid more attention in business class in school ;P

I also signed up with Art Fire another online store like Etsy, but I must admit I like the clarity on Etsy.

If you have any ideas please, let me know.


Daily creativeness 2: buchujeon 부추전

The day started off with a sad note, as my camera has decided to not work. I'm upset as I only bought the Canon G9 in February in time for my trip around S.E. Asia and leaving Korea. Argh! I hope things go well with Canon as I bought the camera in Seoul, and to think my other Canon is still working fine that I bought in Daegu back in 2003, even though I dropped like a thousand times!!!

So, here's an older photo, taken with the same camera when I just got it. What's the picture you may say, well that's haemul jeon, 해물전, a seafood pancake that's just too good for words. It goes great with alcohol especially dong-dong-ju 동동주 a rice fermented drink that's one of my favourites.

Why did I take this photo? Well just like the title says, I made my first jeon today but I made a buchujeon 부추전 and with no camera, well you're just going to have to imagine it! I also made a prepacked kimchi stew, but tomorrow I plan on making fresh kimchi from scratch! Oh I also steamed some edamame, but I overdid it :(

Oh well tomorrow is a new day!

Daily creativeness 1: Cheeky Nado Stuck in the Snow

I've decided to create something everyday as a way to keep a journal or sketchbook. It doesn't matter what medium I use just as long as I create something, and I must admit that being home without a job and all that jazz, that I have millions of ideas and need to focus with all this inspiration ;P

Oh, today was a fun day trying to get the car unstuck, I hope things are okay tomorrow as there's more snow on the way. However we can't park close to the house as the driveway is too deep of snow. There's no way that I'm shoveling it either, as the length is about two acres long!!!

Oh, the joys of snow :)


Hello 2009 :)

Wow, how quick 2009 has come. I know it will a great year as 2008 has some fantastic highlights but it ended not so lively.

So, what's new for 2009?

  1. Well I finally got my Esty shop: Cheeky Nado up and running and my wonderful friend Irene made the first two purchases hoping to bring me luck ~ thanks sweetie :)
  2. A long time friend has decided to disappear from my life but at the same time, another long time friend and I have a new spark, and I can't wait to see her again.
  3. New opportunities have arisen but that's under wraps for now ;P
  4. I am planning on going back to school this year ~ fingers crossed.
  5. I'm feeling optimistic that this year is the year I actually make positive changes.
  6. A new look for my blog to correspond my new work. Let me know what you think, I have other ideas too :)
I wish you all a fantastic 2009!