Yes, I'm single but no thanks!

I recently realized what Helen Fielding meant in “Bridget Jones Diary” with the use of the term “singleton”. I enjoyed the book when it first came out, however I hard time relating to the character in some ways as I was a younger single gal at the time. Later we had “Sex and the City”, which I watched and came to love as the series rolled on. Now that I find myself in my 30s and still single I am starting to see what the stories all meant. I have some married friends who have said that they envy my single life as it means freedom. But what I hate is this portrayal that single women are obsessed with their looks as they are concerned with their many lovers as they hunt for “Mr. Right”.

What does this all mean??? Let me list the things that annoy me about being single.

  1. I’m tired of men approaching me and assuming that all I want are lovers. They bypass the small talk and cut straight to the, “let’s have sex” then have the nerve to say that I’m too picky.

  2. The phrase along with the tone that they feel sorry for you, “You haven’t found anyone special yet?"

  3. The other phrase that I hate,"You left it too late”. What does that mean?

  4. People telling me that they have it harder as they have children to take care of whereas I live a carefree life with no stress. So that translates to; it’s ok for me to stay and work late, it’s ok for me to babysit when I visit as I always have a night out, it’s ok for me to travel longer and further, etc...

I don’t mean to whine I guess what sparked it off was another guy asking me for sex tonight. Yes, I’m picky but when you see what men I have been meeting, you too would feel the same. I believe that there are great men out there as I have great male friends I have respect for myself and I don’t believe I need to prostitute myself in order to have a good date.

However I must add I’m not in the best place for a single gal like me to date. There are many good Korean men, however interracial dating is not readily accepted here in Korea there’s social pressure as well as families that are not supporting or even open-minded. The foreign men in Korea; well I must say I really don’t know. There are many messages posted on various expat websites talking about how annoying, sweaty, obese, ugly or hairy we Western women are, which in return shows the lack of men with respect for women or even the intelligence. The single foreign men are almost non-existent in my life in Korea they seem to have eyes only for Korean girls but I’m just someone they work with or whatever.

Anyway, respect goes out to people who choose their own paths, how boring life would be if we all lived the same way the same time and so on. We are meant to be different so please respect that!


Why, I stay in Korea. Chapter II

Here's another reason to hang out around Seoul! Kwon Sang-woo (권상우), my goodness what a hottie!!!
If only...


Whahh me got a creative block!

I have a meeting coming up this weekend for Anyang Young Artist Group. We are to present our sketches for an interactive (for children) public art to be on display in a park that is famous for it's stream. However, I’m having some sort of creative block, I have no idea of what to do!

So, I had a little look around on the web to see what's out there, as let's face it, I haven't seen something like this for a long time and I'm what you call, "Out of it!!!" So anyway the following artists are what I discovered tonight and what I found to be interesting.

Michele Kong is an emerging artist is from the U.S. and works with some interesting materials particularly hot glue which reminds me of Mandy's hot glue dress which she made while we were attending college. I really appreciate Kong'’s sensibility as well as her play with nature and synthetics.

Nina Levy, creates what some (Art News) call “The New Realism". I find her works provocative and intelligent which invokes a deeper thought that sends you on an adventure into the narrative as you are left with your own interpretations.

Jacob Dahlgren takes patterns to a new level. Using everyday objects in a repetition it becomes art in it's own right as it's interesting to see what new pattern emerges as well as the beauty that it takes on as it's removed from being just that ordinary object.


He's gone!

Ah, my dear friend Nayan has left Korea. It's just wierd that he won't be here. I got used to having him around, a restaurant buddy, a mac fanatic who understands the language my mac speaks, a lounge buddy, a movie trailer buddy, a photographer who takes better photos than you can, a Mr fix-it, an art critic and finally just a friend indeed! He's a man that has hard shoes to fill oh well I just have to go to India with the Seoul Gang and bug the hell of him there!


This is a long one, sit back and relax!

My holiday was great; I didn't realize how much I missed the UK. It was nice to stay and hang out with my family and old friends; it makes a difference being with people you have a history with. I felt so comfortable; my old British self came out along with my natural accent (not all the time though) but it almost like I felt like I was speaking a different language. It was nice the one day I went uptown to London when some guy happened to ask me for directions to Shaftsbury Avenue, and amazingly I was able to tell him even though the last time I was in London was three years ago.
I stayed with Jasmeet for the first three nights, we hung out with her two kids and caught up on a lot. Jas, I miss you tons!

I then visited Joice, she's an old family friend that used to work along with my parents on two separate occasions back in the British Telecom days as we all worked there at one point in time. She's now become our adopted grandmother as she's visited us in Canada many times and it is planning on being there for my brother's wedding even though she's not as healthy as she used to be.

I stayed with my cousins Jackie and Debbie along with Jackie's son Thomas. It was nice to see them and where they live, as the last time I was around they were just about to receive the keys for their place. We also had a lot to catch up on as well as to see how fast Thomas has grown. In the photo below from left to right: Debbie, Me, Kim and Jackie. We all went to Greenford High School.

I then took off to Cornwall to meet the Foremans at their caravan. They paid for my ticket, which was so sweet and thank you so much Audrey. It was nice to spend time with them as my last trip I only got to see them for one evening.

From Cornwall I took three trains to get to Poole, I felt like I was on a tour of the southern part of the UK, it took a bloody long time, but I got to go to Bristol and pass through the beautiful city of Bath where I have an uncle. I stayed with my cousin Claire and her family. It was wonderful to be with her and her family as I only saw Claire once since she left Greenford in her teens it was a good opportunity to get to know them all, and be a family. Thank you Claire, Ty, Brandon and Bradley

I stayed two nights in Claire's home then back to London via the National Express bus, a lot faster than the train. I then stayed with Denise, my mum's good friend, and someone I've known since I was four! I got to spend some time with Racheal, which was great but too bad we didn't have time to go out together. Oh, well next time! I took off on a Saturday and visited my Uncle Nicky and his family and I realize that I didn't get a photo of everyone but I did get one of Kelly and her husband. It was so comforting to be with them all and catching up with Kelly, Louise and Luke who are all doing well and let me tell ya they are one good looking family!

I managed to get one day to go uptown, too bad I didn't have more time. Debbie came up too; we started off early at Oxford Circus then onto regent Street. We popped into Hamely's and didn't venture upstairs, as we know we both could spend the day there, as Hamley's is the wickness toy store ever! There are toys everywhere with employees demonstrating some of the toys it reminded me off the one Christmas where all the aunts in the family rounded up all the kids and off we went to Hamley's to visit Santa - a treasured memory!!! We spent some time in Soho, a place that I would love to live in, even if it's a tiny flat I really don't mind! We had lunch in a Korean restaurant, as I wanted Deb to try out some food, which she liked. Did some shopping bought some sexy boots then it was dinner in one of my favourite restaurants in Soho, Jimmy's a Greek restaurant that Denise's husband had started going to like 30 years ago when he was attending St. Martins School of Art. I totally recommend the restaurant.

Last stop in the UK was again with Jasmeet as she has promised for each time I come she would pick me up and drop me off as it's her duty, and I thank her so much. I love it when I get to see her at the airport and she has the biggest welcoming smile that can't be beaten! We met up with our high school friends Caroline and Susheela as well as their children. They are both doing well and I can't believe how big the kids are, it's amazing how fast kids grow.

I flew to Hong Kong and had three nights with Cherie and Coby, I was planning on spending time on the beach as my suitcase was overweight and financially I was getting thin. However Hong Kong had other plans as it rained the whole time forcing me inside. I took off one day to the art museum and it was closed as usual as this always was the always the case even when I lived there!!! I did though get my hair done as a way to kill time. Oh well

Cherie lives on the 38th floor and interestingly her landlord was my old boss from when I lived there back in 2000

Now I'm back at work, it's hard to get back into the routine of things. Nayan is currently staying with me however he's leaving for India on Tuesday and now I have a place to stay in India!!! :P I will miss him!
That's all folks thanks for reading :)