Cheeky Coupon!

Wow, where does the time fly off to, cause it's leaving me lagging!  Well, it's not that bad at all! However today marks one year that I left Korea, and boy I sure do miss it, especially my beautiful Seoul sistas ~ you know who you are!

So this time last year I was flying off to Bangkok and here I am embracing the cold weather wondering just how much more snow is going to fall before Spring is over???  But on the flip side I have a fantastic deal for you Cheeky Nado Fans, as well as those who are fans of A Print A Day ~ I know I am!

The first ever Cheeky Nado coupon!  

That's right:
Free shipping to anywhere!
A free gift!!
And a coupon for 1/2 off your next purchase!!!

So why not check out the Cheeky Nado store for your cheeky items, there's more to come, and if you're in the Calgary area, this Saturday you can meet me in person at the Night to Fight Music and Art Festival at University of Calgary where you can check out the cheeky items for yourself, or buy a raffle ticket to win this original drawing; proceeds from the raffle will go to Doctors Without Borders for Darfur.  See you there!


Cheeky Nado is getting busy :)

So I started my new job on Monday but only to find out that I am a sub teacher as I'm at the bottom of the seniority list, so I have to wait until there's a class for me :(

In other news Cheeky Nado has two upcoming events the first is on March 28th "Night to Fight" music and arts festival.  The event is to raise awareness and educate the public about the ongoing genocide in Darfur the profits they make will go to Doctors without borders.  I'm also donating two framed original illustrations for the event.  

The second event is April 18th Market Collective at the Carpenter's Union in Kensington: An interactive market of local artisans.

I'm busy finishing many projects plus I'm putting together 70 promo packs for another table that an Alberta Etsy Team member has for the Portobello Market in the Big Four this summer ~ I wish I could be apart of it but I simply can't afford the table fees :(

Below is a sneak preview of the new work for Cheeky Nado: meet St Trinian Sarah!


Whao love the tilt shift maker :)

Originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!

Check out this site http://tiltshiftmaker.com/ just upload a photo and play around with the settings to get the desired miniature look. I can see myself spending way more time on the net, like I already don't!!!

I love my Angkor photo of Ta Prohm.


Yay 2009 is getting better :)

Wha-hooo finally 2009 is kicking in with positivity and yesterday was the highlight!!!  So what happened you may ask.  Well I finally got a job teaching ESL to adult students downtown.  I also got a better start as they recognize and award those who have their CELTA over those that have a TESOL ~ yipee, cause that was something I was worried about over here as everyone was asking for a TESOL cert.  

I'm back in the game and can start putting money back into the savings ~ yay :)  Also talked to a friend and was offered a room as there's no way I'm driving 120km everyday and make it into the city in the morning ~ brutal and admire those that do it cause I can't.  I parked downtown for about 4 hours and it cost me $26 ~ holy mama mia I swear the guy behind me must of been amused with the noises I was making as I put the money into the stupid machine!!!  Back to where I was really going with this paragraph ~ I'm moving back to the city, this means I'm no longer going to be alone out on an acreage talking to me myself and I!

And the best news of all***  I visited my nan before the interview and what a shock to see her, she was glowing and full of color.  For those of you that don't know the last time I saw her she was ill and close to leaving us, so this was a blessing.  She was back to her usual self asking me the same question over and over but it such good spirits and smiling too.  Oh what joy :)


Disco Studio Queen

How can I forget the Disco Studio Queen print, one of my favourties :)  I love it when I have some good tunes on and the beat just gets the better of me and I start dancing ~ so what I'm by myself in my studio,  I have to party Stavely Styleeee with me myself and I!

New Print

So I finally put up a print for sale.  It has taken me a while and I have to a give big thanks to Ryan who helped me to print.  I do plan on putting more up for sale, and will blog about it too.

Other than that not too much is happening here, I am busy getting more work done, and man living so far is really getting to me.  I really need some things to complete some of my projects, and it's just a few things from a dollar store.  I did go to Claresholm, the closest town with some stores, but even there I had a hard time finding double-sided tape and of all places I found glue sticks in the supermarket but not in the two bargain/mini department stores in town or the hardware store ~ strange.  I would be happy to deal with online purchases if Canada Post wasn't so slow and somewhat unreliable as I've had a few packages go astray as well as I'm still waiting on receiving packages for the last four months!   Gosh I miss living in Seoul, shop online today and receive tomorrow or within two business days!  Balli Balli!

Oh and I do have good news ~ I have a job interview on Tuesday teaching ESL so wish me luck :)  Happy Sunday all!