Cheeky Coupon!

Wow, where does the time fly off to, cause it's leaving me lagging!  Well, it's not that bad at all! However today marks one year that I left Korea, and boy I sure do miss it, especially my beautiful Seoul sistas ~ you know who you are!

So this time last year I was flying off to Bangkok and here I am embracing the cold weather wondering just how much more snow is going to fall before Spring is over???  But on the flip side I have a fantastic deal for you Cheeky Nado Fans, as well as those who are fans of A Print A Day ~ I know I am!

The first ever Cheeky Nado coupon!  

That's right:
Free shipping to anywhere!
A free gift!!
And a coupon for 1/2 off your next purchase!!!

So why not check out the Cheeky Nado store for your cheeky items, there's more to come, and if you're in the Calgary area, this Saturday you can meet me in person at the Night to Fight Music and Art Festival at University of Calgary where you can check out the cheeky items for yourself, or buy a raffle ticket to win this original drawing; proceeds from the raffle will go to Doctors Without Borders for Darfur.  See you there!

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