International Artist Calls

I really need to get in gear with my art and so I did some research as to what's out there for art calls and I will list them for you too as I know many of my friends could also benefit from the info.

The Grieve+Samaritans Art Prize
Venue:House of Commons, London, England
Deadline: May 18, 2007

Online exhibit: www.upstreampeoplegallery.com
9th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition
Deadline: extended to May 24, 2007

Strange Figurations
Venue: Limner Gallery, Hudson, New York
Deadline: May 31, 2007

A Great Awakening
Venue: Rhonda Schaller Studio, New York, NY
Deadline: May 31, 2007

Painting On The Edge
Venue: Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Deadline: June 1, 2007

"HEAT" The Next Tortured Genius II
Venue: 547 west 27 Street, New York City, Chelsea, NY
Deadline: June 3, 2007

Annual International Juried Exhibition
Online Exhibition: www.artKudos.com
Deadline: June 25, 2007


Renew the Goddess - Ongoing Mail Art Call
Emily TownsendEtStudio19 Sapphire Drive West Windsor, NJ 08550USA

FRIDA KAHLO's 100 years 1907-2007
Venue: Jaca (Huesca)-Spain
Deadline: May, 31st 2007
Send to: ARTEMISIA Y COMPA?IA, Asoc. M. Artistas Avda. Juan XXIII, 19-esc 2 22700-JACA (Huesca)SPAIN

The Museum Devoted To The Enhancement Of Red And Green
Venue: Huddersfield Art Gallery, UK
Send to: Milk, Two Sugars 6 Savile Drive HORBURY WF4 6JP ENGLAND
Deadline: May 11th 2007


The GRACE LEE Project Trailer

This looks really interesting. Have you ever googled yourself and checked out the results?


Fun, fun fun!

At last I've had a wonderful Friday and let me tell ya it was something! I went to Sound Day in Hong Dae where my friend Kang San-ae was playing. The ticket was 15,000won however it's a pass to all the clubs that participate for Sound Day, so it's a good deal!
He played for an hour, the audience was wild as he has so much energy and really knows how to work his fans and entertain. My friends were slowly trickling in but a few couldn't find the place and were text messaging me constantly, but we met backstage aftewards and became groupies, he he he.
Off to "Som" (a bar)we went as they were expecting the after party. Valenchino was ahead with his cute Mongolian friend, he kept turning around and we kept verifying with screams that yes we are his groupies. This started when Kang San-ae started to walk to the bar with us but was bombarded with fans and headed back to the venue to get his car, the scene was cute as young girls were screaming as well as older than me women running after him.

At Som there was some confusion as we were told it's for a private party plus some friends were already there who were also being kicked out. So everyone waited outside for San-ae to come and verify that we are the party! And let me tell ya once it got started it was wild!

It started civil with everyone trying to find some space to park themselves on the warm Korean floor (Ondol) and chatting to their neighbors as we were all mixed up. The drinks started to flow and they didn't stop. A few times in the night the bar received deliveries of more beer as we were drinking it all up. The mood was fantastic with quite a number of musicians and artists from all over the world. The music started, San-ae was singing Valenchino was drumming with a box he found a few other people joined in the jamming and showed off their talents. Then the dancing started as the bar had an extensive record/CD collection with everyone up on tables the bar or what little space they could find they were dancing their hearts out.
The night for myself and my close friends in the bar ended around 6am but then we walked around figuring out what to do as we weren't ready to go home. Hunger pangs hit us and as we walked and found traces of the party everywhere as everyone was eating in the late night restaurants or street stalls. We ourselves ended up having Gam-ga-tang (spicy Potato and beef rib soup) where the night really was coming to an end as my head felt heavy and yearning for my pillow. My one friend decided the subway was open and she was going home, I have no idea where she got the energy from as she lives over an hour away by subway!
Even last night I was out with a lot of the same people for a friend's birthday, but this time I left early as my body was crashing and I'm now with a cold.


The Tube's Fashion Victims

I remember my friends and I saying that there is the need for the fashion police. I understand that people have the right and freedom to where what they please but sometimes it just hurts to see such things like men who wear their tight short shorts that they had since middle school or something but now they have beer guts, dudes it just doesn't look good! Anyway have a look at London Underground Fashion Victims.

Housewarming fun!

My housewarming was fantastic as it was nothing like I had expected it to be. I would have photos however I still can’t find my camera as it’s packed somewhere unbeknown to me the tricky little devil!
Philipp my friend and ex-roommate just returned to Korea from Austria came early to help me set things up for the party which was really helpful but he was worried that he may be the only guy so he started making calls. The party started with a few people which was nice but we were all getting a little tiddly as we were drinking some awesome wine but there were no snacks to go with it as the person assigned to bring them was running really late. However people started coming and coming and coming by the time dinner was served I think I was serving for almost 20 until the food was gone and the tables bare. But more people came I think there were almost 30 people. My fridge was empty; thank goodness for the shops around my house and those who ate before coming to my place.
We had the privilege of two performances, one by a professional Korean singer and the other was my friend Valentino a Brazilian percussionist who kept the party entertained by using a few bowls, lamps, an empty coke bottle along with chopsticks.
Quite a few people left around 2am but then a few of my close friends stayed and more food came out, I don’t know where from??? We ate and chatted more then I gave in by 4am where I left two people chatting in the living room and I have no idea when they went to sleep.
The night was really interesting with a great opportunity to network as we had a group of International artists that are currently doing an artist residency at Changdong Art Studio. One person that came along turned out to be my friend's professor at art school. So you can imagine the conversations and business cards that were flying around the apartment.
The only down point of the party was that my so-called boyfriend or whatever he calls himself never showed not even a message or call to say whatever. In fact I'm tired of his ass and I am now officially single again. Oh, some of you may be somewhat in shock, as you didn't know that I was dating, actually I kept it quiet ~ I’m sorry. The on the flip side; my new area is full of good-looking men! He he he he, what good timing then!


Hyderabadi Biryani Preparation Video

My mum used to make chicken or lamb biryani on special occasions. It's the one dish that I really, really miss and I’m sure I'm not the only one in my family who does, as she hasn't made it for a while.
I remember one time she made huge vats of it for an Anglo-Indian Dance in Northolt that took the whole night before but it’s one of my fondest memories as our neighbors were over with bottles of red wine flowing and the jokes cracking with odd Indian but not Indian accents, as we were cooking these huge pots out in the back garden in our tent. Everyone took turns stirring the brew it really felt like witches of Southall making their potions. All of us kids were running in an out in the dark garden and into the wonderful spicy scented tent.
I personally have never made this dish and I’m about to try, as tomorrow is my housewarming party. I’ll also be making some fish fry and I think a vegetable curry. Wish me luck and why not try it for yourself!


Oh the joys of shopping!

Shopping in Korea is rarely fun as I'm unable to buy clothes or shoes so my closets are full of accessories as this is the place to be for such things. However there was one market that a friend of a friend introduced me to last summer.

The place was interesting with all sorts of things for sale. However getting there needed patience as it wasn't easy. We got lost but that's something that I love as we stumbled upon different streets catering to different clients. Like walking along refrigerator street then pork feet Restaurant Street to something similar to a car boot sale. The people with me were photographers looking for that interesting photo opportunity which was hard as the things for sale were super interesting.

Well last Saturday after my second visit with the dentist and half a frozen face I thought I would go to the market again as I was already in the area. I walked and walked I found the chair street then the printing street but not the market. I gave up after a few hours and went for some sushi. However I found some info on the net and as usual I looked on Naver (Korean version of Google) and found some blogs with some interesting photos too.

Love in Travel

Quilt Sale



Big Big World

However some of the photos are old as there was a lot of construction done in the area as they tore down the decrepit highway and rebuilt Cheonggycheon (stream). So they downsized the market from 1,200 venders to 400 which is sad as it's a great place to go as a tourist or a resident.


The big bad dentist is just a friend!

One of the best feelings in the world is in the mornings. As I lay in my bed knowing that I have to get up and start the day the rest of me is relaxed, comfortable and unwilling to unwrap the cozy warm blankie that I clutch so tight as if my mum is still there to rip it off at any given moment. However this morning I awoke to some weird timing as I turned on my lamp in my new dark bedroom at five thinking I was late, well far from it. However I was in the foulest of moods as I have two throbbing aches due to my fear of the dreaded dentist. So I called in sick and did all the red tape stuff one has to do in order to have the permission. And now I sit here at my desk in my home realizing that I have to soon get ready for the dentist chair ~ whaaaaah!

I have always been afraid of the big bad dentist, even though I worked in a dental lab and got used to the drilling sounds, but still I’m never prepared for those nasty long injections that probe your sensitive gums. Whaaaaah! I keep thinking that I am going to visit my friend Jin at work as he’s my dentist; at least I’m lucky there but as much as I like him as a friend he’s still that horrid person that brings pain. I know that it’s for the best but still it is PAIN!

Well I don’t think today’s visit will be the only visit I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of Jin for the next little while and maybe I will be more comfortable than I’ve ever been ~ well let’s hope.