Housewarming fun!

My housewarming was fantastic as it was nothing like I had expected it to be. I would have photos however I still can’t find my camera as it’s packed somewhere unbeknown to me the tricky little devil!
Philipp my friend and ex-roommate just returned to Korea from Austria came early to help me set things up for the party which was really helpful but he was worried that he may be the only guy so he started making calls. The party started with a few people which was nice but we were all getting a little tiddly as we were drinking some awesome wine but there were no snacks to go with it as the person assigned to bring them was running really late. However people started coming and coming and coming by the time dinner was served I think I was serving for almost 20 until the food was gone and the tables bare. But more people came I think there were almost 30 people. My fridge was empty; thank goodness for the shops around my house and those who ate before coming to my place.
We had the privilege of two performances, one by a professional Korean singer and the other was my friend Valentino a Brazilian percussionist who kept the party entertained by using a few bowls, lamps, an empty coke bottle along with chopsticks.
Quite a few people left around 2am but then a few of my close friends stayed and more food came out, I don’t know where from??? We ate and chatted more then I gave in by 4am where I left two people chatting in the living room and I have no idea when they went to sleep.
The night was really interesting with a great opportunity to network as we had a group of International artists that are currently doing an artist residency at Changdong Art Studio. One person that came along turned out to be my friend's professor at art school. So you can imagine the conversations and business cards that were flying around the apartment.
The only down point of the party was that my so-called boyfriend or whatever he calls himself never showed not even a message or call to say whatever. In fact I'm tired of his ass and I am now officially single again. Oh, some of you may be somewhat in shock, as you didn't know that I was dating, actually I kept it quiet ~ I’m sorry. The on the flip side; my new area is full of good-looking men! He he he he, what good timing then!


Mandy said...

Sounds like a wonderful party!! I'm glad to hear your new area has such fortuitous assets. ;)

Jasmine said...

What an awesome party!!!!!! It really sounds like you have some very cool friends and contacts, I wish Denko and I could have been there. Someday, I swear...

I loved your memory of the night of the Biryani too. Wonderful!!