Hhhhmmmm Upholstery Inspirations

Loving the work of ljindustries. I've been meaning to work on my first Craigslist purchase above. But once I move in and figure the colors then I will consider what fabric to use I love the designs at Ikea as well what Julia of ljindustries used below.

Amy Butler has some great work

Any favourites?


What I wore today... Sept 23

One of the teachers at work was talking about an artist friend that she admired and how he without fail would produce a drawing or a painting everyday. This is something that I have tried and failed on many occasions and I too admire the diligence and passion an artist has to upkeep the practice.

So surfing around as I usually do I came across Aesthetic Outburst's blog and was inspired by other artists who drew what they wore today. Simple and an effective way to keep the daily drawing challenge going. So below is my attempt as I felt like a queen today with what I wore :)


One Giant Step Closer!

Slowly but surely I will be moving into my new home. I already started packing and hopefully the closing of the above home will go smoothly to start feeling excited. So far I'm still being reserved as it's been a roller coaster of emotions recently. I advise when looking for a house to go with someone, it's no fun alone especially for someone who can't make snappy decisions.

I'm also busily looking for furniture as I need to furnish a three bedroom home and get some students in as soon as I can. So if you have stuff, give me a shout :)