One can see a sunrise!

I can't believe I'm back here in my apartment in Seoul, it was over so fast. I enjoyed every minute of being back in Canada and to visit my parents new home. It was the first time to realize that yes, I no longer live with them even though they have a room that they call mine.

I went to the Calgary area for a week and a half mainly stayed home with my parents as the trip the year before I got four days with them. It was nice and relaxing, Colin (friend) came over lots, as transportation was really limited. I went into the city a few times to run errands as well as shopping, it's hard to get some things here in Korea, mainly shoes my size clothing too and some food.

I spent my last two days in Vancouver, it was supposed to be three however I changed my plan, as I was so comfortable being home and wasn't feeling so good either.

I stayed with Katie on the first night, I didn't take a photo of her :( then I stayed with Sham, I miss them both very much. Most of my friends in Canada live in Vancouver now, I wished I had more time, as I wasn't able to see Vinney who I wasn't able to see last year either! Sorry :(

I got to hang out with Mandy and had a quick lunch with her and Zak, some yummy sushi. One thing I love about Vancouver is the food, it's healthy reasonably priced and different to what I can get in Calgary and there's nothing like it in Seoul. Here Korea the general notion of what westerners eat consists of spaghetti, pizza and hamburgers. Ok I had one hamburger in Calgary where you can actually get an ostrich burger or buffalo, so I thought why not have a burger! Anyway I miss the different salads that don't have the thousand island dressing that seems to be the favorite here or even the selection of international foods, damn I didn't get to have Ethiopian!! I love it!

Anyway tomorrow is the official day of work, I can't believe I came home went to work on Tuesday, an absolute waste of my time, I read half of the book I started that day. The school then told me that I can have two days off as it's useless that I am there. I could have stayed in Vancouver longer!!! Damn!

Oh well, oh and a happy belated Valentine's day - guess what I do with the oven when I have free time...