Emotional Rollercoaster

I have two things to write about I’ll start with a positive note…

I finally have a painting in a gallery in Korea. It’s only one, which is all right. I am part of an artist group just outside of Seoul; called “Anyang Young Artist Group” the show is only up for a week but it’s something as well as the beginning.

I can’t stop thinking about yesterday while on the bus I witnessed a man kicking his dog.
I couldn’t believe how scared and humble this poor soul looked. I wanted so much to jump off the bus to follow and record this with my cell phone camera (That’s what they’re for right?). However we were on a highway and getting across the street is difficult.
I am ashamed that I did nothing. Korea is not a country that strongly supports animal rights. There are a few people here that love and care for animals it’s amazing when I ask my students to see who has a pet, I may see only 3 out 36 hands go up if I’m lucky.
I miss having pets, I would love to have one but the truth is, I still can’t decide on what country to live in plus I’m not always home which isn’t fair for them.

I don’t understand people who abuse animals!

This is a Korean Jindo dog just like yesterday. They have an interesting history that is worth reading about here. Also I found a great site Lonley Lifetime about the dogs in Korea that need help.


India Arie

What an amazing song. I loved the lyrics...

I Am Not My Hair
Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy
Took away her crown and glory
She promised God if she was to survive
She would enjoy everyday of her life ooh
On national television
Her diamond eyes are sparkling
Bald headed like a full moon shining
Singing out to the whole wide world like HEY...

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no no
I am not my hair
I ma not this skin
I am a soul that lives within


What no comments?

Well I know some of my friends are reading this blog, but sometimes I wonder is anyone out there? One friend mentioned that she's had problems leaving comments, or is it that this site is terribly boring well, either way tell me about it, please :)


Lor' luv a duck! have a good chin wag. Know what I mean?

Lor' luv a duck! After talkin' ter me mum I'm 'appy but still can't believe my bruvver is ge'in' married. . Know what I mean? Blimey! looks like a lot ov family an' friends comin' from da muvver land where ter put 'em all? Nuff said, yeah?

Lawd above! Missin' da old coun'ry deese days espcially after chattin' wiv Jas, think abaaaht makin' a trip dis august. . , innit. Besides i' would be great ter come back ter Kawera talkin' like dis, an' yeah I used ter sound like dis fer those who know my Canadian persona., innit. Lor' luv a duck! These days it's limited fer me farfer's wet tears awer da poor souls what go drinkin' wiv me. Know what I mean?

Blimey! have a look at my old bus - reminds me ov my shoppin' days in Ealin' awer be'er yet ge'in' ter da tube. Nuff said, yeah?


Dae Han Min Guk! ~~Fighting~~ '대~한민국'

Again 2002 Bravo Corea

"Reds Go Together"

These are the things I hear and see everywhere as everyone it seems is preparing for the game tonight (in a few hours) against Togo. They expect about 1.2 million to be on the street, I just came home and I can say yeah! There were tons of people with the red devil horns as well as the red T-shirts - seeing that they're sold on almost every street corner. Ha ha ha I'm watching the news, they're reporting from the World Cup Stadium here in Seoul but the regular news too, and you really can't hear too well as you can hear the crowds in the background.

Update on the game (for those that don't know).

Korea 2
Togo 1


Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

This is cute, reminds me of my students, it's something I wish I could do if I didn't have such large classes. Check it out.


What a busy Week!

Monday: dinner with my landlord and Suhee (old Roomie). What a nightmare he went on and on about his success and power as we drank more alcohol he told us about his girlfriends and his dating policy, "she must be one year older than my daughter." The nasty thing is, he is married and they live in the apartment below. He was hitting on poor Suhee, good thing she moved out!

Tuesday: early morning start with a hangover. Met my friend outside of Seoul, met her artist group for a picnic in some strange valley directly under a highway the place that we sat in turned out to be a dog meat restaurant (freaked out). My new roomie, Philipp moved in who is also an artist and got me painting.

Wednesday: not so bad, had dinner with Nayan in our favourite Buddha's Belly, got home did some writing went to bed with an upset stomach.

Thursday: woke up at 3 am, the upset stomach was turning for the worse it kept me up pretty much all night leaving me exhausted and still in pain..yep folks food poisoning again! Called in sick but extremely tired I started painting until 11pm.

Friday: so far not too bad, well got a phone call, one of my Daegu students is in town and wants to see me, I really have no time.

Saturday: I will be volunteering for an orphanage far from Seoul thank goodness the time has changed to 9:40 as the previous time was too early. I then have an artist meeting at my house at 7pm plus I need to hand in my portfolio (not ready) which is a hot item at the moment as many people require this from me, which is why I'm here in my office with a painting...sshh...don't tell! ;P

Oh and thank you Amanda, Cherie and Jasmeet for your help with my artist statement, it's really interesting to get three different view points. Take care all!