Emotional Rollercoaster

I have two things to write about I’ll start with a positive note…

I finally have a painting in a gallery in Korea. It’s only one, which is all right. I am part of an artist group just outside of Seoul; called “Anyang Young Artist Group” the show is only up for a week but it’s something as well as the beginning.

I can’t stop thinking about yesterday while on the bus I witnessed a man kicking his dog.
I couldn’t believe how scared and humble this poor soul looked. I wanted so much to jump off the bus to follow and record this with my cell phone camera (That’s what they’re for right?). However we were on a highway and getting across the street is difficult.
I am ashamed that I did nothing. Korea is not a country that strongly supports animal rights. There are a few people here that love and care for animals it’s amazing when I ask my students to see who has a pet, I may see only 3 out 36 hands go up if I’m lucky.
I miss having pets, I would love to have one but the truth is, I still can’t decide on what country to live in plus I’m not always home which isn’t fair for them.

I don’t understand people who abuse animals!

This is a Korean Jindo dog just like yesterday. They have an interesting history that is worth reading about here. Also I found a great site Lonley Lifetime about the dogs in Korea that need help.


Mandy said...

Oh... so sad. It's so hard to know what to do at times like that. :(

Congratulations on showing the painting thogh, Sharon, and don't diminish it like that! It's awesome to have your work shown.

Paulina118 said...

Hiya Sharon,

I am totally new to blogs. Heard the word a few times and recently someone (a clergyman) prompted me to read his and now I think they are a great way of seeing into onther people's minds and learning from them.
Your piece about the dog touched my heart. I love dogs...i have a black lab called Shadow. Before that i had a rescue dog called Sam. I am not a "doggy person"...but since having my own dogs i have come to realise just how much tehy contribute to my life and the lives of those i pass in the street when i am out with Shadow. I am a youth worker and teacher and i always say that my dog is my co-worker. I also think that someone needs to write a thology of dogs....which isnt as silly as it sounds cos i think that the love and fidelity of a dog is a reflection on the love i like to believe abounds in the universe if only we could be patient enough to tap into it,whatever our faith or non-faith perspective is.
What nationality are u? Are u travelling worldwide at the mo? I have an 18 yearold who is gonna do that next year. I hope to travel more in the future. My blog is pretty simple, maybe dull at the mo, cos Im just finf=ding my feet in this sort of medium. My daughter is also a great artist and Im gonna try and forward ur blog to her, but not sure if thats poss. Also loved and loved your piece about Im not my hair...that is fantastic and so moving....yest so simply true! Who ARE we...cos as it says, we are NOT just our hair. But in our society, we are percieved as the size of out hips, the shape of our boobs, the car we drive etc etc etc...well in the west anyway!

Sorry so many typos....gotta dash to work at one of my skools, but really wanted to respond to ur blogs.

PS. Do u sign these postings??? lol...i really havent a clue as u can see,lol....but who cares...im trying and im enjoying it! Your postings have made my morning and have taken the place of my prayer time...but actuallt they have uplifted me no end. They spoke to my spirit,. Thats good. I dont believe there are single sources of being upflifted and fed spiritually. Life is an amazing adventure....and having turned 50 last April, i am forcibly struck by how urgent it is to REALLY LIVE IT FULLY!!

Thanks, and peace to you.

Sharon said...

Hey Mandy I'm really happy to have my work in a gallery as well as being part of a group. It's even kicking my butt into gear as I need that from time to time....oh ok I need that more than time to time! He he he ;P

And Hi Paulina, Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I love dogs as well as cats. I think here in Asia pets are a relatively new thing or something, but it's not as favored as much as it is back in Canada or the UK, but it may have something to do with the fact that most Koreans live in apartments. I'm currently living in an older area of Seoul, and amongst the largest amount of pet owners I’ve witnessed in Korea.
Please do pass on my blog, I really don’t mind. All you need to do is just copy and paste my address or save my blog as a favourite.
Oh and you asked if I was traveling the world – I’m not sure, never really looked at it that way. I chose to live in Asia, it started off as one year but that was in 1999! I do admit that I have traveled a fair bit since moving here. I’m originally from the UK, but immigrated with my family to Canada soon after graduating from college I left for Hong Kong, then Korea, and Hong Kong again and back to Korea.
And I totally agree with you to live life to the fullest!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the link to my site (Lonely Lifetime). Your story reminded me of something I witnessed once, too:

While I was on a highway in a car, I saw about 3 men throw a dog into the back of a pickup truck. Into a low cage. They didn't just place him there, they threw him and the dog was whimpering. I knew what they were going to do, but I could do nothing and it broke my heart.

I know violence against animals is a problem everywhere, but dogs in Korea have a special plight. I guess I've had to accept that sometimes the only thing I can do is treat the next animal I meet with more compassion to try in some way to make up for the suffering of the others. Since I made the website I've found many other people like you who share the same feelings, so that makes me feel stronger and I know something can be done to improve their situation.

On a happier note, congratulations on showing your painting. It's beautiful! When I return to Korea to teach after summer vacation, I'll be sure to look for more information on your artists' group and hopefully be around for your next showing.

All the best,