Smiling at guys :)

When a guy smiles at me I try to smile back I can’t say I do 100% of the time. I also try to smile at guys and see if they smile back and I can’t say that works 100% of the time either. However the other evening I did smile at a guy and he smiled back then approached me and said, “Nice to meet you”. I too said the same thing but then he asked me if I had a room, I was perplexed as to why he’s asking me such a thing then it hit me!!! Shit, “No”, and I ran but then he followed me, but luckily I ran much faster and into a building then out through another door.

The area that I was in is the largest foreign neighborhood in Seoul, with a mixture of people wanting great eats as this is the place, or to hang out as this place has its fair share of bars, clubs and pubs, then there are people looking for hookers!

You’d be amazed as to how many people ask me for sex, it’s not that I’m dressed sexy, jeeze that night I wore a hat, large jacket with jeans and runners, nothing hookerish at all! The fact that I’m somewhat Caucasian looking is enough here, as they say that foreign girls are easy. Why do they say that, well just take a look at what movies and TV shows get exported out of the West. I had a taxi driver tell me that black people are bad people cause he’s seen it in the movies! It’s a sad state, we in the West may be open about sex however the world views us as horny little devils banging anyone and everyone!

Why did I write this??? I don’t know, just thought I’d rant, and also say that smiling at men can be a scary thing!!! LOL!


Something I'm working on

Wait for the outcome of what it is that I'm working on...


Thanks for the positive energy, it paid off!

So, once again I'm in the world of employment. I had a few months off even though I had planned for it to be five weeks. The beginning was good, but it was unplanned and not so great for financial reasons.

Anyway I was offered a great job this weekend, for Kangnam education board. The school board will be paying my salary while a lucky elementary school gets to have me as their only Native English teacher! The interview was great it was with a Korean lady who was fantastic and should seriously consider giving classes. She asked me many questions on my teaching philosophy, which showed that they care about education, and they really should, seeing that they are the education board.

So I may be in Japan this week for my visa, asah!


Wish me luck!

Well it's early Saturday morning and I'm still in bed as I write this, however today has got to be the day!!! I have a job interview for a job that I want, I mean this is THE job that I wanted in the first place and searched and searched as to how to get into this place for this year, and today is the interview!! Whahooooooo! They called me first thing this early morning as an emergency - I really don't mind, as it's an emergency for me too! I am to start this week at that other job that I recently posted about (the unhappy one).

I need your positive energy at 4pm Korean time - please and thankyou with a cherry on top!

Today is the day, it just has to be!!! :)


Back In Da Day!!!

I was just reflecting.....

Photo courtesy of Mandy... Thanks ;P



Some good news, I have found a job, however I'm not so happy at all. It's not what I want, it's the first job in Korea that I'm not happy to sign up for, but I need to work. It's financial and mental, as I'm going seriously nutty at home and fighting too much with my roommate too.

It looks like Korea is coming to an end soon, I really am not happy, you would think that after doing a certificate that should help you further in your career, but it turns out not to be the case. I predicted it may be like that here, but wow! I am tired of being offered pathetic positions, and no I don't wish to travel more than an hour on the subway to the point where I'm no longer in Seoul and no I don't want to work for money less than my last contract and close to what I recieved when I first got here in 1999! Aren't you suppossed to get better positions with more experience and education you get???

I went to quite a few interviews and so many I wondered if they even read my resume. They asked me things like, "Have you ever taught Korean children before?" or "Do you know what a public school is?" or "Can you teach?" stupid, stupid questions. I had no idea why they asked me to come for the interview, they would offer me positions that pay soooooo low, it's ridiclous, and would say that this is normal in Korea, yet if they had read my resume they would see that I have worked in Korea for three years, I'm not an idiot!

Anyway that's where I'm at right now. I have already started to think about Hong Kong again, maybe I should have stayed there as I would have been there five years by now. Wow time flies!!!

I'm really a dunce when it comes to this whole ESL world in Korea.

P.S. Sorry to my Korean friends, but this is how it is.


Self Portrait

"A desire arises in the mind. It is satisfied immediately another comes. In the interval which separates two desires a perfect calm reigns in the mind. It is at this moment freed from all thought, love or hate. Complete peace equally reigns between two mental waves."

Swami Sivananda