Thanks for the positive energy, it paid off!

So, once again I'm in the world of employment. I had a few months off even though I had planned for it to be five weeks. The beginning was good, but it was unplanned and not so great for financial reasons.

Anyway I was offered a great job this weekend, for Kangnam education board. The school board will be paying my salary while a lucky elementary school gets to have me as their only Native English teacher! The interview was great it was with a Korean lady who was fantastic and should seriously consider giving classes. She asked me many questions on my teaching philosophy, which showed that they care about education, and they really should, seeing that they are the education board.

So I may be in Japan this week for my visa, asah!


Mandy said...

Conratulations, Sharon!!! I am so very, very glad for you. :)

Anonymous said...

That is great news!!!
Told you that you will find something in the end..........you always do!!!