Still in Bangkok

Well it's my last weekend in Bangkok and I have one more week to go on the CELTA course. I'm glad that it's just about over as it's one of the most stressful things I have ever done! My body has taken a beating, I got sick within the first few days of my arrival, triggered by all the aircons and their icky filters!!! I got a flu and went through all the motions as well as passing it onto a few others including a tutor! ;) Then this weekend I was in hospital due to some nasty mosquito bite that left my ankles fat, bruised and spotty all over -- sounds lovely!
I was given antibiotics straight into the vein it took a while though. but I couldn't believe that I was spending my last weekend on a hospital bed with a drip, that's one hell of a souvenir! Today I went back, luckily things have improved as the doctor was quite worried as she couldn't identify why my reaction was so bad. As I write this I'm being bitten again and again!
So.... I am really liking Bangkok, and really thinking about moving here later on. The money isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The people are great and not to mention the weather! Anyway it's a serious possibility!! I also love the fact that Thaliand is neighboring so many different countries as well as it's airport is a hub for many cheap flights. I think many of my friends from Canada or the UK would finally make a trip over to see me, somehow Korea isn't so alluring.