Still in Bangkok

Well it's my last weekend in Bangkok and I have one more week to go on the CELTA course. I'm glad that it's just about over as it's one of the most stressful things I have ever done! My body has taken a beating, I got sick within the first few days of my arrival, triggered by all the aircons and their icky filters!!! I got a flu and went through all the motions as well as passing it onto a few others including a tutor! ;) Then this weekend I was in hospital due to some nasty mosquito bite that left my ankles fat, bruised and spotty all over -- sounds lovely!
I was given antibiotics straight into the vein it took a while though. but I couldn't believe that I was spending my last weekend on a hospital bed with a drip, that's one hell of a souvenir! Today I went back, luckily things have improved as the doctor was quite worried as she couldn't identify why my reaction was so bad. As I write this I'm being bitten again and again!
So.... I am really liking Bangkok, and really thinking about moving here later on. The money isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The people are great and not to mention the weather! Anyway it's a serious possibility!! I also love the fact that Thaliand is neighboring so many different countries as well as it's airport is a hub for many cheap flights. I think many of my friends from Canada or the UK would finally make a trip over to see me, somehow Korea isn't so alluring.


amanda said...

I hope the bites aren't serious... How come you didn't send us some pics of your ankles :o) Don't they have mosquito repellent there? Glad you’re course is almost over. Did you learn anything you didn’t already know. Hey by the way I don’t think you mentioned if you have a contract lined up for when you return or if you’ll have to start the hunt… Take care, hope you're doing better!!

Mandy said...

Hey Sharon, I'm glad you're enjoying Thailand! I hear so many good things about it from... well, everyone I've known who's been there. Was the course worthwhile? I'm glad you finally did it, hopefully you'll get the jobs to make it worth the stress.

And, hey - I don't think it's that Korea isn't alluring, I think it's just that it's really really reeeally far away. :)

Much Love,

JooHyun said...

Hey~ Sharon!
I really missing you!
Come back here KOREA!!! kkk
why you think Korea isn't alluring!!! I'm here!!! hehehe
Anyway I wish your health & good-luck!!
Take care!!!

Sharon said...

Yeah, they have mosquito repellent but I didn't buy any even though I should have. But I was bitten in a guest house where I could hook up my laptop to the Internet, my friend was being bitten buy ants which really hurt him as he kept jumping, but it was me that reacted badly. Oh well. He was staying there, actually he'd been there for two months already and never had that problem before. When I got up to go to the water cooler there was a nasty cockroach thaty was overgrown!!! I'm surprised at myself before I would of run away screaming, but now I just continue but I stood further away from the cooler and bent down to get my water. He he he

I know Asia is far away, but you'd be surprised how different it is and how much the long flight is worth the effort. I love Thailand, it's so different I could just sit at the river in Bangkok all day watching all the comings and goings, there's so much to see, do and learn, it's simply amazing!