Chevron Fever

These days I have some time on my hands, for how long who knows... So, I need to move upstairs into the large bedroom. I feel this room is rather plain, as I had rented it out and didn't really decorate it, but now it's my room and it needs some colour! Most of my home is white with hints of turquoise or some form of blue.

Argh!!! The main word being COLOUR! Here are the choices below; oh, did I mention that I'm doing stripes? Chevron stripes to be more exact. It took me two hours to measure up and do one stripe, hopefully it will be done by the weekend!

Sorry for the poor photo in which I took at midnight. I want to keep the white and use one of the colours below, which would you choose?
So here are the colour choices: Pratt & Lambert "Beau Geste"
Next choice is: Pratt & Lambert "Gig's Grey"
And lastly: Sherwin Williams "Buoyant Blue"
Another thing to consider is the bed. I have an Ikea bed, pictured below - I wish it was white. However, the bedding is. What are your opinions? I'm partial to Sherwin Williams "Buoyant Blue".