The Old House

The Old House, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!.

A neighbor found photos of our house and the land. His family has been here for decades, I think it was his grandfather that built this house, I'm not so sure. But it's pretty cool to see how it used to be.

We are not sure of when the house was built some say it was built 1900 but others think it was 1910 or possibly a decade later. Anyhow it's still standing but it does need a lot of work. I'm a bit worried about the winter as I've been spoilt by my last apartment with it's warm floors as Korean homes are heating through the floors. But this house.... the insulation isn't finished and many walls are open as we are still going through renovations.

It's a cute home that my parents fell in love with.


Pink Party

Pink Party, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!

I haven't been sketching this week, but I have been fooling around with Illustrator. I should learn more, such as being able to convert this to JPG straight off from an Illustrator file as the quality gets lots a bit the way that I'm doing it. The lines look a bit pixelated. 

Have a smashing weekend :)


A Drawing!

My Nado!, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz Draws The Line!.

Seeing that I named my blog "Shazzbazz Draws The Line" I should post a drawing or two here and there. I did this last January for an Art Show curated by Mary Song, "Minority Report" in Seoul.

It's pen on a wooden table that was given to me by my school which I painted with acrylic. Unfortunately I had to take the legs off due to shipping charges being too crazy, and I'm glad I did as the legs had a few lodgers!


Decorating and Recycling

I have this on my desktop, I never liked blue in a home until now.

I love interior design and people's wonderful imagination in how to use their spaces.  Many of you may know that I've been posting a variety of links to websites/blogs that I frequent that feature interior design.  Well I'm still addicted maybe more than ever!  

I love how you can reinvent and give life to something old to be new again.

I'm still job hunting however I can't stay at home in Stavely and work in Calgary as it's just too far and I have much respect for those that do, but I am not looking forward to winter.  I can't and don't want to imagine myself driving each morning in the snow, and apparently the road into Stavely from my house is notorious in the winter months which is probably why everyone drives such monstrous pick-up beasts!  So the plan is according to me landing a job in Calgary or even Fort McMurray that I will purchase a place with the help of my family.

Which is why I'm feeding my addiction for interior design.  However I envy the flea markets that numerous bloggers blog about, Calgary is somewhat limiting, I know some Calgarians have good taste but my goodness some just don't.  I've been researching realty and eeeek many homes are so bland or just filled with flowery wreaths that decorate every nook and cranny.  I've been looking at Craigslist and Kijiji and wow, the things people sell are sometimes a cool bargain and others need to do some research before posting.  I saw a sofa and loveseat for sale for CDN$300, "What's the prob?" you may ask, well it was hideous, brown and flowery in a not so nice way. (Check out the Ugliest Couch Contest some have interesting shapes.)  I remember when I first came to Canada in '91 that stores where trying hard to flog em.  Gosh and to think I sold a nice white sofa for $20 and a grey one that I bought brand new and used for two years for $75!

I took this photo to show how ugly and uncomfortable these beasts are but yet they're popular in Korea, as well as the arrangement.  This house was huge, the space was empty.

Anyway we should recycle furniture more than we already do I've heard of some cities having a recycle furniture day or I remember in Hong Kong that every Chinese New Year many families would refurnish their homes in the hopes of cleaning out the bad luck well my friends and I would go on scavenger hunts to all the garbage dumps and come home with new furniture most expats arrived in HK with just a suitcase and now had fully furnished homes thanks to the garbage.  I knew of a few people who created businesses from this.

When I see Linda Crispell's home I just melt and get inspired.  Hope you do too.


I'm max

I'm max, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!.

I've posted before about "Where the Wild Things Are" and how I used it in the classroom. I miss my kids and maybe I should become a true elementary school teacher. It allows me to reach my own inner child too as you can see above :)



I don't know if anyone else has these issues when they are trying to log into their blogger account. It takes three or more times for me to sign in, I am always automatically directed to the "Create a blog" page which is so annoying.  

Oh dear maybe it's just me getting old and falling behind technology ~ LOL