Hair Ideas

I really wish that I can just do my own hair and not deal with trying to find a hairstylist you can trust, cause I'm tired, really tired of bad places.  Living in Asia had it's problems, the biggest was language then was my hair type, I am always told off for my fine hair and it's dryness.  I try, I do, but that's just the way it is.  Oh and the fact that my hair has curl was another issue, so many stylists just straightened it in order to cut, strange.  

I once walked out of a salon with half-cut hair with my girlfriend which we then drowned our sorrows in a big fat sundae.  But later that night after fixing it myself and hitting the town I was complemented on my hair, which made me giggle.  

Before leaving Korea I finally found someone who was a friend and knew exactly what I needed and wanted and would do a fantastic job, and for the first time in years I was also able to have a conversation with my hair stylist, what a joy that was.  Now that I'm back in Calgary the search begins again and now that language is no longer an issue I thought this would be a lot easier, well....  I finally got a haircut and I was not happy.  The cut took five minutes of cutting, no wash and cost me $50!  I was in shock and horrified, I know I'm no longer in China where you get a massage with your cut, or in Korea where I get tea but wow, I've never been charged for an awful service.  The cut was terrible I wanted layers but the girl just did one layer with a blunt cut then straightened it.  I did want a touch up on my color and the other girl in the salon offered but saying that I want blonde color, I think she was color blind and I backed out.  The girl that did cut my hair spent most of the five minutes on her cell phone ~ what's up with that?

So, I'm off to LA and meeting YJ who has also not bothered to do her hair and normally waits until she's back in Korea, but also thinks it's time to get it done.  And why not do it together at a salon she's been recommended too.  I am hoping that they have skills and not ruin my trip.

Let's hope guys ;P


Boots, Shoes, boots, Shoes ~ me love :)

Gosh how I  love shoes and boots.  It was tough living in Asia where my feet are considered museum quality for it's huge size, every time I asked a sales clerk if they stock my size they immediately looked at my feet to see if it was true! 

Well, now that I'm back in the land where they are normal, in fact my size seems to be so popular they are sold out :(  I'm still a happy camper, and next week I'm off to LA, so the choice is even more so, I'll be like a little kid in a candy store :)

In the picture clockwise from the top right: Betsy Johnson "Lillian Ankle Boots" $110, Steve Madden "Ruffle-Fringe Pump" $99 Colin Stuart "Ruched Suede Boot" $128, Colin Stuart "Cuffed Boot" $129.

I've tried on the Betsy Johnson boots, they were super high, made my feet look tiny and my oh my they were super duper funky little monkies :)  The store didn't quite have my size, I think I take size 11 in boots!!!


Naughty Xmas Doodle

I love the new pen that I bought, but now that I'm trying out the software Sketchbook Pro, I'm so over the moon that I can sketch and draw just like the real thing, that I don't know when to stop!

I just found Shantell Martin's fantastic work, and now I'm missing Seoul terribly!