Big Fat Meanies!!!

My goodness some people are just mean, I mean MEAN ~snarl!!!

There is one girl at the school where I'm at, who has some serious attitude that's absolutely pathetic. She's the most fluent speaker so the vice principal and others depend on her as much as the other English teacher and I do for her language skills. Ok she happens to work in the English center which is still part of the school but a different curriculum.

So here's a list, please rate 1: "Big Fat Meanie" to 5: "Little Skinny Meanie".

1. She once told the other English teacher and myself to leave the room as we were talking too much English and it was giving her a headache.

2. On numerous occasions she was asked about the summer schedule and vacations. Finally one day she laughed and said, "You don't know...Well I booked my vacation already, ha ha ha" But only told the one person who asked.

3. She feels that it is her position only to speak to the other teacher as I'm not part of the English Center and that I should speak only to my co-teacher's whose English sucks and receives no information from above that is directed to myself.

4. Asks the vice principal if it's ok that we don't attend the Korean computer meeting cause you know, it's in Korean. However refuses to tell myself as it's not her position.

5. Walks around the school chatting to people only to complain about the English teachers and our attitude as we don't do as we're told.....told what?

6. We're not the only ones she nick-picks about, she's also super sticky with the use of slippers in her classroom and the fact that one didn't erase the white board completely even though she refuses to teach or be an assistant to the English center teacher, which is her position really.

Sometimes, I think I'm just being silly it's not that bad ~ but it is. I can't talk to her without her eyes rolling or the icky wicked witch of the East laugh as she thinks I'm soooooo stupid. Anyway the pleasure of working with such people is making me tingle all over!!! :(


Artist Statement Fun

That time has come again, I used to dread this compulsory activity that needed to be completed at the end of every semester seeing that I was a drawing major (the only major that had to do this twice a year). Almost every artist hates this particular activity, I remember back in college when at the end of fourth year everyone was freaking out complaining that they're artists not writers. Yep, folks it's the dreaded artist statement! I know it's important and necessary but it's super tough, I do appreciate the fact that I did do it twice a year back in college, and really.... I should have kept that up.

Being many thousands of miles away from anything that I wrote all those years ago, is a fresh start so I've been poking my nose around the internet and there's quite a lot of hate towards the poor artist statement, many are just collections of fancy words put together that sounds rather... Well... You know... uhm... FANCY! And yeah, I have read a few statements that have left me bewildered and feeling utterly stupid as I back away slowly hoping that no one noticed the fool who doesn't fancy the fancy words.

So I found this site, one that allows you to input the words and it will spew out your statement and voila, you're done. So tell me what you think...

Sharon's work investigates the nuances of modulations through the use of slow motion and close-ups which emphasize the Symbiotic nature of media. Sharon explores abstract and metaphysical scenery as motifs to describe the idea of cyber-intuitive reality. Using warm loops, non-linear narratives, and allegorical images as patterns, Sharon creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of culture...


Poor Guy mistaken for an interview at the BBC!

This is hilarious....

A few days ago a guy went into the BBC for a job interview and found himself being interviewed live on a worldwide broadcast. The funny thing is it was the wrong "Guy".
The BBC presenter thought she was interviewing "Guy Kewney" of newswireless.net, but she was really talking to "Guy Goma" who was looking to be interviewed for a job with the BBC.

Guy Goma had only been learning English for the past 4 years and did the best he could in the challenging situation. He was interviewed as "Guy Kewney" and happily answered whatever difficult questions were thrown at him by the presenter, Karen Bowerman.

Here's what I found...Mr Goma, who taught himself English after moving to London four years ago from French-speaking Congo, told The Sun: "After what had happened I was traumatised. If I don't get the job, maybe there's a career for me in TV." You can read more of the article. Also you can watch the video.


And there goes another year!

So the birthday thing was great. Saturday was a blast (pre-birthday celebration) - had a great meal with some new and old friends in an Italian place that wasn't too bad. Ended up having some drinks at my new and fav hangout joint the Bungalow Lounge. I love that place for the drinks but it's the ambiance and the warm sand that your feet are constantly burrowing in.

The first gift I received was from Nayan's dentist friend. I met him once and invited him to the big dinner party I had, well he wanted to give something and it was quite the gift, something I haven't had in a loooooong time! LEGO ah, yeah! I stayed up until two in the morning just building Lego.

Heejong a relatively new friend has become my Seoul sister! She did a fantastic portrait of me, I'm so lucky to have a friend that has invested so much time in me, I'm so glad to have met her!

Tonight was nice (actual birthday) - a quiet meal in a fantastic Greek restaurant, it was a first for my friend Heejong and it's won't be the last! The ever so beautiful Youngjoo came all the way to Seoul from Deagu to spend the evening with me, I was so touched, but my goodness that girl spoils me... In the picture you may notice that I'm wearing a heart. I couldn't believe it, a Tiffany piece I've never received such a thing it's the sweetest thing ever!

My brother called; it was great to chat with him, I have to call my parents as they're somewhere in the States, I also had a great little talk with Nayan. Oh and I got my Korean Driver's License, so now I have three: Canadian, and Hong Kong too! So, thank you for a great birthday!


World Press Freedom Day

As I write I realize and thank the fact that I have the freedom to express considering my current locale is about 230km away from the capital of the world's most censored country, North Korea!

I miss that passion that we had in Resolution217 to celebrate and bring light onto the very thing that we all take for granted as we have no reason to think likewise. I have been educated through some of the most talented and passionate people and I give thanks to them as they still continue to help as well as to express their freedom.

Thank you Katie, Sham, Nayan, Young-joo, Michele, Bob, Jen and Stephen!!!

Just sleep on it!

Peaceful Nayan
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Ah the yoga weekend, hhmmm didn't know what to expect really, something interesting I guess. However it was quite different, but the best part was hanging out with my dear friends.

As you can see some us were truly just hanging out, Nayan looks super peaceful!

So, my phone has been super busy today everyone is calling to see what's up for my birthday which is next week. I haven't put much thought into it at all, and quite honestly I don't mind for it to be quiet. I have no idea of what to do this weekend... It's also Buddha's birthday on May 5th which is also Children's Day so this weekend is a long weekend which is why everyone is wanting to do something.
Argh, I dunno ;P

Sandy & Yatren
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Yogi lover!