Poor Guy mistaken for an interview at the BBC!

This is hilarious....

A few days ago a guy went into the BBC for a job interview and found himself being interviewed live on a worldwide broadcast. The funny thing is it was the wrong "Guy".
The BBC presenter thought she was interviewing "Guy Kewney" of newswireless.net, but she was really talking to "Guy Goma" who was looking to be interviewed for a job with the BBC.

Guy Goma had only been learning English for the past 4 years and did the best he could in the challenging situation. He was interviewed as "Guy Kewney" and happily answered whatever difficult questions were thrown at him by the presenter, Karen Bowerman.

Here's what I found...Mr Goma, who taught himself English after moving to London four years ago from French-speaking Congo, told The Sun: "After what had happened I was traumatised. If I don't get the job, maybe there's a career for me in TV." You can read more of the article. Also you can watch the video.


amanda said...

that's way tooooooo funny :o)