Artist Statement Fun

That time has come again, I used to dread this compulsory activity that needed to be completed at the end of every semester seeing that I was a drawing major (the only major that had to do this twice a year). Almost every artist hates this particular activity, I remember back in college when at the end of fourth year everyone was freaking out complaining that they're artists not writers. Yep, folks it's the dreaded artist statement! I know it's important and necessary but it's super tough, I do appreciate the fact that I did do it twice a year back in college, and really.... I should have kept that up.

Being many thousands of miles away from anything that I wrote all those years ago, is a fresh start so I've been poking my nose around the internet and there's quite a lot of hate towards the poor artist statement, many are just collections of fancy words put together that sounds rather... Well... You know... uhm... FANCY! And yeah, I have read a few statements that have left me bewildered and feeling utterly stupid as I back away slowly hoping that no one noticed the fool who doesn't fancy the fancy words.

So I found this site, one that allows you to input the words and it will spew out your statement and voila, you're done. So tell me what you think...

Sharon's work investigates the nuances of modulations through the use of slow motion and close-ups which emphasize the Symbiotic nature of media. Sharon explores abstract and metaphysical scenery as motifs to describe the idea of cyber-intuitive reality. Using warm loops, non-linear narratives, and allegorical images as patterns, Sharon creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of culture...