Calgary Craigslist find: Tulip Dining Set

I'm so excited to find this set, I've been following websites like Design Sponge or Decor 8, I love what people have done. You can check them out in my favourites on Flickr as well as other things that tickle my fancy!

Also I really am inspired by artisans like Thomas Wold who created the amazing "Fractured Fairy Tales"

Or Danny Seo the "environmentalist lifestyle expert" who finds a greener creative approach to everyday living.  With some simple ideas to create some unique and fun alternatives.  Like painting your old fridge with chalkboard paint which serves two purposes like covering the ugliness as well as being functional art or lists.

I used to collect the Readymade magazines when I lived in Korea, as "What the Book" is an awesome store that you can order books online (for those in Seoul, Korea) with them as they're connected with U.S. Amazon.  So really for a Canadian gal like me  getting mags or books there was cheaper as some publishers still refuse to see that the Canadian dollar is just about on par with the U.S. dollar or is sometimes stronger but yet the pricing is still higher for Canadians which sucks!!!  Anyway the main point here was the fact that I was telling you to go get a Readymade mag, you won't be disappointed, or click and check out the website!

Well that was the highlight of my day the other part was me stuck in the South of Calgary with an overheated engine with steam pouring out of my hood.  Got that fixed just before my hour long drive home, luckily it happened here and not on the highway!  Once I got home and made myself a tuna sandwich as my brother recommended last night, well I broke my tooth in half :(

It's a sign of good things to happen, he he he he!  Happy weekend all!


So uhm, I didn't quite post the next day ~ oops!

So I left the last post at Ho Chi Minh City.  Well I went to Hong Kong kind of alone as United Airlines wasn't so kind in my request for my parents and I to sit together; yeah right, if one end of the plane to the other constitutes as together then I shouldn't complain!!!  Once in HK, my parents tried hard to change their flight to Canada and allow them to stay two days, but thanks to Oasis Airlines closure there was no way for them to get another confirmed flight and was best to stay on course :( so we said our goodbyes and parted our ways.

It was a sad and lonely bus trip to Fotan where Cherie lives.  I was so hoping that my parents could make it there with me as it's another place for them to visit as I had lived there for a couple of years and seem to be always drawn back to HK.  Anyway I got to Fotan and was to pick up the key from my old school, however they were away for a two hour lunch, so there I sat at the Mac Donald's next door for two hours!!!  It was interesting I even got chatting with a university student, so that was cool.

I stayed in HK for three weeks it was supposed to be a week and then to L.A. with Young-joo however she had some visa issues and had to return to Korea, so I was stuck in HK, but that was okay, it meant a longer stay with Cherie :)  I was a bit lazy too, as I had my own room for the first time in a month, so I slept a lot.  

HK was fun, I got to see more of Wanchai than I did when I lived there.  I met up with Vicki too which was cool.  I  love and hate HK for many things, and this trip made me see the better side of the city, and IF I ever move back I am definitely not living in the New Territories again, I want to be on the island.

I still had to fly to L.A. to get my connecting flight to Calgary, as my Air Canada ticket was carved in stone and I couldn't change it at all :(   I remember last year I was stuck for ten hours at LAX coming in from Maui to Calgary as the flight was delayed, well I thought no way am I going to sit for the four hours layover I had in the same gate again.  So I took off to Venice beach for a bit, which was awesome, if only I knew the last time just how close the beaches were to LAX!  I just relaxed on the beach did some people watching and took a taxi back with the best driver ever, he was from Tanzania and really made my day :)  But that was soon shattered to see that the same delay was about to happen, what are the chances of that???  I was flying the same flight as last year and again there were delays!!!!  I took how many flights on this trip and AC still can't get it together!!!  AARGH!

I finally arrived in Calgary just about midnight, then it's a two hour drive home :(

Anyway life in Canada has slowed down a lot, I mean sloooooooow!  I did get roped into drywalling and painting in the house, even when I visited my brother for a week in Fort Mac my mum and I were landscaping.   My friend Hee-jeong came to visit from Korea, she was to spend three months here, but it got cut short due to her dad's health, but luckily he's not too bad now that she's back there.  So now I'm home alone in Stavely still living out of a backpack, my shipping made it here okay but is now is storage awaiting the next phase.  JOB!  HOME!  In the meantime, I enjoying the creative energy that has recently hit me, I'm painting plates, sketching, painting furniture and playing with shrinky dinks (LOL)!!!

Wish me luck with the job hunt and the reversal culture shock!