Whale Island

Whale Island, originally uploaded by Shazzbazz draws the Line!.

I've been using this idea for a while now, especially on furniture. I entered this into Illustration Friday, which is a cool group on Flickr. Each week there's a new topic posted and you have a week to upload an illustration to the group. There's also a website.

You can't see clearly, but the whale is just under the aircon, as well on my table.  I did some drawings just on plastic as a way to decorate without hurting the walls, but it was also my inspiration while I worked.


Holding on!

I am addicted to playing around with illustrator anyhow this is a self portrait. Also I'm in love with this blue, I've been using this color in my work a lot, it's different to my usual choice, as I normally go for reds or "Curry Colours" as one instructor put it in art school.

Here's the scan.