A Day of Feelings

Today has been a day of mixed feelings, from sadness to relief then to stress of a new possible job and the joys of lesson planning all over again. My school, LSC Calgary, has closed it doors for the last time today. It was a place where I really grew and my grammar skills blossomed, but it was also where I had met so many people that touched my life in so many ways. Sure there were days I wondered why I was there, and days I wanted to blend into the walls and hope nobody would see me, but that's pretty much impossible when one is a teacher! However, overall I am really grateful for the opportunities that the school had allowed me and the experiences that I had experienced, but the best thing of all are the friends that I have made and the places I can go.
My second feeling: relief, came when I visited the bank, some part of me was sad as I was on the road to financial freedom as I was at this moment supposed to be teaching in Saudi Arabia. However, due to that job not working out, I had to cancel my financial freedom plan, (actually I hope it's just on hold) until I get myself in a better place, as I've been unemployed for two and a half months.
My last feeling: stress, comes from having to sub for IELTS for the next couple of weeks, and it's always nerve racking when you're walking into another teacher's classroom, but also a new school with a different system. Or maybe it's the stress of having to get up early, as I've been on artist hours for the last little while.
So, as one thing ends, another new beginning starts. I hope the new year brings avenues I've yet to explore.

P.S. In regards to the pictures above, the teachers had so much grief during our time in LSC from the series, "Just Right" as it was at times annoying with certain grammar being taught at the wrong time and setting up the next grammar focus for failure and annoyance. We called the series, "Just Wrong", sorry Jeremy Harmer. In unison we ripped up the pages that had irritated us the most while we had taught, it gave us great pleasure to say goodbye to a book we all didn't enjoy. Ah the small pleasures in life that make us :)