Pull Out the Mistletoe!

Well Christmas is here and tomorrow I am hosting a Christmas Dinner in my home. I forgot to put the turkey in the fridge two days ago and once again I am up late with the turkey in cold water. I guess I will never learn or maybe this is part of the fun! Ha ha ha!!!

Christmas Eve I will go to Kang San-ae’s concert. I’m not sure where it is, but he really wants me to go and I’m really excited to see him in concert. I remember before I met him I had watched him perform live on TV and thought he was interesting even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics. Now I finally get to go!

Christmas day I plan on being home alone and actually I have to prepare my painting for an art show which is opening on Wednesday night.

Merry Christmas!


Back to the elephants not laughing!

I posted earlier, The elephants may not laugh but I will! With my preliminary drawings so I now present to you the M&M elephant!

I did have another one similar size, the Cherry Elephant, but that was stolen from it's installation site! ㅜ.ㅜ


Stuck in my cave???

They say you can't be friends with everyone, and this is so true. People come and people go, we grow old with some and we argue with others. I believe those that do come into your life they come for a reason and there's a lesson to be learnt from each relationship. I am going through some low points in some relationships at the moment that are really hard to deal with emotionally. I feel that I'm on a rollercoaster that I cannot control but I really want to get off. I'm trying to recognize my lesson with this one particular friendship and I guess I am learning to listen to myself and my body more as well as the fact that I can't keep giving everything that I have and that I need to start saying, "no".

I have some good people around me who seem to be a reflection of my own self. These people have become my family, they hurt when I hurt they laugh when I laugh. I know that I have them and their love and I respect them so much. It's fun to hear friends tell me they can be "cold" or a "bitch". Why can't we just say, "no" and do what we want or maybe don't want???

Hah, here comes a confession, so I did read, "Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus"! It mentioned how men, need to go to their cave as this is their place their safe haven. Hhhmmmm, interesting as I was told by an upset person that I should just stay in my cave. Am I in a relationship? Am I a man and I've been hiding it??? Ha ha ha! No, I'm kidding here, I mean, what does that person mean? I'm here in my studio painting for two upcoming group shows (one deadline has already passed - hence I'm late). Is this my cave? But I'm trying to be a professional artist, don't all artists have their spaces, their haven for the work they are passionate about? Is this my cave where I hide? I think I need clarity? What is so bad about being here?


Communication is Breaking Down!

Well I don't know where to begin really. I am painting, slowly though. Uhm yeah these days I haven't wanted to post as I've not been in a positive frame of mind. Last week was extremely stressful (roommates) for me which showed as my skin was breaking out as if I had hives on my face! I have another stressful week ahead seeing that my visa status in Korea ends and I have to go through the renewal process which isn't so bad however my school has insisted that I get a physical before they resign my contract, great, what if something isn't right, I need to fly out on Wednesday???

I'm not sure if I can have a vacation as there was some communication problems and I guess my forgetfulness but the truth is I'm tired of getting second person information I completely depend on friends for translation and sometimes I get 5% of what I need to know. Naturally there are going to be problems but people get angry with me. However it's effected my vacation time meaning that I am obligated to do an art show which starts right in the middle of my vacation time. For some that don't know a vacation for me means escape from Korea. I love Korea for many things but I need to get out now and again to refresh or even touch up on my own English skills!!! I need to be somewhere more positive and I was planning on going to India with friends to see a friend who recently moved there, plus it was a bonus that my uncle will be there at the same time. Anyway I am still trying to figure out something, maybe Cambodia and Vietnam but for a week???

I'm also tired of being told by Koreans to remember that I'm in Korea and that things are different so I need to turn off my own cultural switch and turn on the Korean. Well sure that's something that I have to do, however I'm always considerate of the culture but it's hard to uphold 24/7!!! Some days I am too tired or some days I'm just disgusted with what I witness like a teacher who was punishing students as he caught them stealing, but to hit them on the head! Sorry, but that's wrong! I said so which upset a few people seeing that I was younger and a woman! Well there are things that I can't accept and I don't see why I have to either.

And for something completely different........

I found this beautiful apartment in New York, man I wish!