Communication is Breaking Down!

Well I don't know where to begin really. I am painting, slowly though. Uhm yeah these days I haven't wanted to post as I've not been in a positive frame of mind. Last week was extremely stressful (roommates) for me which showed as my skin was breaking out as if I had hives on my face! I have another stressful week ahead seeing that my visa status in Korea ends and I have to go through the renewal process which isn't so bad however my school has insisted that I get a physical before they resign my contract, great, what if something isn't right, I need to fly out on Wednesday???

I'm not sure if I can have a vacation as there was some communication problems and I guess my forgetfulness but the truth is I'm tired of getting second person information I completely depend on friends for translation and sometimes I get 5% of what I need to know. Naturally there are going to be problems but people get angry with me. However it's effected my vacation time meaning that I am obligated to do an art show which starts right in the middle of my vacation time. For some that don't know a vacation for me means escape from Korea. I love Korea for many things but I need to get out now and again to refresh or even touch up on my own English skills!!! I need to be somewhere more positive and I was planning on going to India with friends to see a friend who recently moved there, plus it was a bonus that my uncle will be there at the same time. Anyway I am still trying to figure out something, maybe Cambodia and Vietnam but for a week???

I'm also tired of being told by Koreans to remember that I'm in Korea and that things are different so I need to turn off my own cultural switch and turn on the Korean. Well sure that's something that I have to do, however I'm always considerate of the culture but it's hard to uphold 24/7!!! Some days I am too tired or some days I'm just disgusted with what I witness like a teacher who was punishing students as he caught them stealing, but to hit them on the head! Sorry, but that's wrong! I said so which upset a few people seeing that I was younger and a woman! Well there are things that I can't accept and I don't see why I have to either.

And for something completely different........

I found this beautiful apartment in New York, man I wish!