Big Fat Meanies!!!

My goodness some people are just mean, I mean MEAN ~snarl!!!

There is one girl at the school where I'm at, who has some serious attitude that's absolutely pathetic. She's the most fluent speaker so the vice principal and others depend on her as much as the other English teacher and I do for her language skills. Ok she happens to work in the English center which is still part of the school but a different curriculum.

So here's a list, please rate 1: "Big Fat Meanie" to 5: "Little Skinny Meanie".

1. She once told the other English teacher and myself to leave the room as we were talking too much English and it was giving her a headache.

2. On numerous occasions she was asked about the summer schedule and vacations. Finally one day she laughed and said, "You don't know...Well I booked my vacation already, ha ha ha" But only told the one person who asked.

3. She feels that it is her position only to speak to the other teacher as I'm not part of the English Center and that I should speak only to my co-teacher's whose English sucks and receives no information from above that is directed to myself.

4. Asks the vice principal if it's ok that we don't attend the Korean computer meeting cause you know, it's in Korean. However refuses to tell myself as it's not her position.

5. Walks around the school chatting to people only to complain about the English teachers and our attitude as we don't do as we're told.....told what?

6. We're not the only ones she nick-picks about, she's also super sticky with the use of slippers in her classroom and the fact that one didn't erase the white board completely even though she refuses to teach or be an assistant to the English center teacher, which is her position really.

Sometimes, I think I'm just being silly it's not that bad ~ but it is. I can't talk to her without her eyes rolling or the icky wicked witch of the East laugh as she thinks I'm soooooo stupid. Anyway the pleasure of working with such people is making me tingle all over!!! :(