What a busy Week!

Monday: dinner with my landlord and Suhee (old Roomie). What a nightmare he went on and on about his success and power as we drank more alcohol he told us about his girlfriends and his dating policy, "she must be one year older than my daughter." The nasty thing is, he is married and they live in the apartment below. He was hitting on poor Suhee, good thing she moved out!

Tuesday: early morning start with a hangover. Met my friend outside of Seoul, met her artist group for a picnic in some strange valley directly under a highway the place that we sat in turned out to be a dog meat restaurant (freaked out). My new roomie, Philipp moved in who is also an artist and got me painting.

Wednesday: not so bad, had dinner with Nayan in our favourite Buddha's Belly, got home did some writing went to bed with an upset stomach.

Thursday: woke up at 3 am, the upset stomach was turning for the worse it kept me up pretty much all night leaving me exhausted and still in pain..yep folks food poisoning again! Called in sick but extremely tired I started painting until 11pm.

Friday: so far not too bad, well got a phone call, one of my Daegu students is in town and wants to see me, I really have no time.

Saturday: I will be volunteering for an orphanage far from Seoul thank goodness the time has changed to 9:40 as the previous time was too early. I then have an artist meeting at my house at 7pm plus I need to hand in my portfolio (not ready) which is a hot item at the moment as many people require this from me, which is why I'm here in my office with a painting...sshh...don't tell! ;P

Oh and thank you Amanda, Cherie and Jasmeet for your help with my artist statement, it's really interesting to get three different view points. Take care all!


Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are painting again!!
Love Jasmeet

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you have started to paint again.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you have started to paint