And there goes another year!

So the birthday thing was great. Saturday was a blast (pre-birthday celebration) - had a great meal with some new and old friends in an Italian place that wasn't too bad. Ended up having some drinks at my new and fav hangout joint the Bungalow Lounge. I love that place for the drinks but it's the ambiance and the warm sand that your feet are constantly burrowing in.

The first gift I received was from Nayan's dentist friend. I met him once and invited him to the big dinner party I had, well he wanted to give something and it was quite the gift, something I haven't had in a loooooong time! LEGO ah, yeah! I stayed up until two in the morning just building Lego.

Heejong a relatively new friend has become my Seoul sister! She did a fantastic portrait of me, I'm so lucky to have a friend that has invested so much time in me, I'm so glad to have met her!

Tonight was nice (actual birthday) - a quiet meal in a fantastic Greek restaurant, it was a first for my friend Heejong and it's won't be the last! The ever so beautiful Youngjoo came all the way to Seoul from Deagu to spend the evening with me, I was so touched, but my goodness that girl spoils me... In the picture you may notice that I'm wearing a heart. I couldn't believe it, a Tiffany piece I've never received such a thing it's the sweetest thing ever!

My brother called; it was great to chat with him, I have to call my parents as they're somewhere in the States, I also had a great little talk with Nayan. Oh and I got my Korean Driver's License, so now I have three: Canadian, and Hong Kong too! So, thank you for a great birthday!


Mandy said...

Once again: Happy Birthday Sharon!! :)
I'm so glad you had such a good birthday.