Smiling at guys :)

When a guy smiles at me I try to smile back I can’t say I do 100% of the time. I also try to smile at guys and see if they smile back and I can’t say that works 100% of the time either. However the other evening I did smile at a guy and he smiled back then approached me and said, “Nice to meet you”. I too said the same thing but then he asked me if I had a room, I was perplexed as to why he’s asking me such a thing then it hit me!!! Shit, “No”, and I ran but then he followed me, but luckily I ran much faster and into a building then out through another door.

The area that I was in is the largest foreign neighborhood in Seoul, with a mixture of people wanting great eats as this is the place, or to hang out as this place has its fair share of bars, clubs and pubs, then there are people looking for hookers!

You’d be amazed as to how many people ask me for sex, it’s not that I’m dressed sexy, jeeze that night I wore a hat, large jacket with jeans and runners, nothing hookerish at all! The fact that I’m somewhat Caucasian looking is enough here, as they say that foreign girls are easy. Why do they say that, well just take a look at what movies and TV shows get exported out of the West. I had a taxi driver tell me that black people are bad people cause he’s seen it in the movies! It’s a sad state, we in the West may be open about sex however the world views us as horny little devils banging anyone and everyone!

Why did I write this??? I don’t know, just thought I’d rant, and also say that smiling at men can be a scary thing!!! LOL!


Andy said...

Ack! That is scary! I promise if we meet (which will never happen) I will frown viciously!

Sharon said...

He he he

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness. That's both crappy and hilarious. :)
You should get a tshirt that says "Not a hooker, just friendly"... :)

amanda said...

on the other side of that coin is the story of my freind who went to brazil at part of his job. he was hanging out in a bar having a drink. quite a few women were approaching him and he was beginning to feel quite the stud until it hit him that they were all prostitutes. tee hee!!