Some good news, I have found a job, however I'm not so happy at all. It's not what I want, it's the first job in Korea that I'm not happy to sign up for, but I need to work. It's financial and mental, as I'm going seriously nutty at home and fighting too much with my roommate too.

It looks like Korea is coming to an end soon, I really am not happy, you would think that after doing a certificate that should help you further in your career, but it turns out not to be the case. I predicted it may be like that here, but wow! I am tired of being offered pathetic positions, and no I don't wish to travel more than an hour on the subway to the point where I'm no longer in Seoul and no I don't want to work for money less than my last contract and close to what I recieved when I first got here in 1999! Aren't you suppossed to get better positions with more experience and education you get???

I went to quite a few interviews and so many I wondered if they even read my resume. They asked me things like, "Have you ever taught Korean children before?" or "Do you know what a public school is?" or "Can you teach?" stupid, stupid questions. I had no idea why they asked me to come for the interview, they would offer me positions that pay soooooo low, it's ridiclous, and would say that this is normal in Korea, yet if they had read my resume they would see that I have worked in Korea for three years, I'm not an idiot!

Anyway that's where I'm at right now. I have already started to think about Hong Kong again, maybe I should have stayed there as I would have been there five years by now. Wow time flies!!!

I'm really a dunce when it comes to this whole ESL world in Korea.

P.S. Sorry to my Korean friends, but this is how it is.


Mandy said...

I'm sorry to hear this is how things are going. What is the job you finally chose? I hope it will end up being a positive experience. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
Sorry things are going right!! But I know you so well, you will bounce back again!!!
Take care of yourself!!!
Love Jasmeet