July 28th for dinner and wine?

Yes, I'm still alive! I've been painting, and painting and that's it folks you guessed it, painting! I'm busy preparing for July 28th, and let me tell you why!

There will be a gala event on Friday July 28th in Chongdam Dong. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for nine orphans to visit Chang Mai, Thailand who will perform a traditional Korean Dance. It's a great opportunity for these youngsters to see another culture as well as to realize how lucky they truly are.

The event starts at 9pm in La Festa, Chongdam Dong (02-540-7006). There will be a Latin performance, and an art show.

The Korean Times featured the story and you can see my lovely friend Irene who I'm so lucky to know. There's another article in the Kscene (local free mag), I will try and get one and post it. I can't believe the photo they used for that article, I only had five minutes that morning to get ready, and now all of Seoul has seen how I look, yikers!

Also, I am going to the UK for my summer vacation for three weeks. I'm looking forward to the trip as it's been three years since I last visited. I've already talked to some of my cousins and my friends and they're pretty excited to have me visit. Plus I need a top up on my accent, as I'm becoming something else that no one can place! So, if you're in the UK let me know, I'll be in Ealing, Slough, Poole and Cornwall, oh and in Hong Kong for three days too.

Got to get back to the painting, enjoy your weekend!


Rob said...

Shame I won't be down to see you, unless I do something weird, like win loadsa money, but hey, I'll just get Alicia to call me, and then we can still take...!