Why, oh why???

Everytime I am about to embark on a trip my iBook starts to go funky!!! I was telling my UK cousins that I will bring my iBook and show the slideshows of my travels but most important Canada and my parents new home. Now, I think I may have to drop it off in the Apple repair shop and go without it.

This is when I wish I was living in the States! Here in Korea, it will take longer as they have to order everything from the States, they can't understand me as I explain my problems. They will just do diagnostic tests this will be the third time I have dropped it off for repairs. These are the problems:

1. Twice this week my computer just stopped (especially while playing iTunes) and advised me to restart, which has never happened before and I've had it for almost three years my warranty runs out in December!
2. The screen has white spots again, yep again as it was supposedly repaired before.
3. The screen slowly gets darker then lighter.
4. It can't play CDs as the computer doesn't recognize it and just ejects it, or sometimes I can't eject it forcing me to restart just to get it out or it just gets stuck!!!
5. I bought Microsoft Office and was never able to get the Power Point to work.
6. I no longer can use Window's Media Player I have tried so many things to get it working.

Jeeze and to think I know so many people who bought either an iBook or a Power Book the same time as me and I'm the only one to keep revisiting the repair shop! One friend who was a Mac repairman (Canada) thinks I certainly have a lemon and it should have been replaced with my last visit as I have too many things going wrong. I know some of my friends are probably laughing and saying that I should have stuck it out with my PC, but I'm still a Mac fan!!! (Fingers Crossed)