More Whys!!!

Sorry to say that I seem to be posting about my little dramas with technology and so on! Yep, the saga continues. My washing machine is now on the list of broken things, in good timing too as I only need to get my stuff ready for the trip. Hhhm is it ok to show up with dirty laundry like I used to when I was in college and visiting my parents!
Also the whole laundry room is on the list, as I had a few rude visitors that persist that they're here to stay. I opened the door to the laundry room which is in a covered and glassed in part of the wrap around balcony that I have, to find that my slippers could walk off on their own accord as it was crawling with maggots when I turned them over!!! Yes, I freaked, and freaked and did some more freaking. There were tons of theses horrid invaders all over the floor. It took a few phone calls to calm down as it was me, myself and I that had to clean it up. So, as I cleaned up and needed some air so I opened the door to the balcony only to start freaking again, yep there's more, this time they covered a body of a dead rat! I love cats, but at this particular time I just had to damn them and their love for a jolly good hunt!
So today is a new day and yep, these laundry room squatters continue to protest for their right to stay, I have no idea where they keep coming from, I clean up, turn around, and boom there's another one! I am thinking of what to do, maybe a another kind of pest control, like a team of two cats, I remember the two that Cherie and I had in Hong Kong who were awesome as they helped us a few times to kill the oversized mammoth cockroaches that would gate crash our home. However the two cats also liked to bring in their own friends that Cherie and I didn't quite agree with. I remember playing tennis with a rat that they wanted to show us, but dropped it when the screaming started. I used an electric fly squatter to try and get it out, hence my use of the tennis parody. Or poor Cherie finding a dead mouse that the cats lost interest in a few weeks ago, or how about the cats being sick and finding parts of a lizard, yum, fun times they were!
The bottom line here folks...I hate living alone but then again I wasn't alone as my roommate (a guy) was in his room the whole time and I didn't realize it, and he didn't hear my screams. Ok, let's try this bottom line thing again... I hate living with people - no that doesn't work either. Ok how about this one, I miss having a man around, OMG not that one!!! Ah here it is... I miss my dad, yeah that works!!! :)


Mandy said...

Ohhhhhhh my god... scary and gross. Gross and scary. Also, scarily gross. I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position now...