Lor' luv a duck! have a good chin wag. Know what I mean?

Lor' luv a duck! After talkin' ter me mum I'm 'appy but still can't believe my bruvver is ge'in' married. . Know what I mean? Blimey! looks like a lot ov family an' friends comin' from da muvver land where ter put 'em all? Nuff said, yeah?

Lawd above! Missin' da old coun'ry deese days espcially after chattin' wiv Jas, think abaaaht makin' a trip dis august. . , innit. Besides i' would be great ter come back ter Kawera talkin' like dis, an' yeah I used ter sound like dis fer those who know my Canadian persona., innit. Lor' luv a duck! These days it's limited fer me farfer's wet tears awer da poor souls what go drinkin' wiv me. Know what I mean?

Blimey! have a look at my old bus - reminds me ov my shoppin' days in Ealin' awer be'er yet ge'in' ter da tube. Nuff said, yeah?


Mandy said...

oh my god.. I've never heard you talk like that for real, only when you're puttin it on. Hee hee hee... :)