Fun, fun fun!

At last I've had a wonderful Friday and let me tell ya it was something! I went to Sound Day in Hong Dae where my friend Kang San-ae was playing. The ticket was 15,000won however it's a pass to all the clubs that participate for Sound Day, so it's a good deal!
He played for an hour, the audience was wild as he has so much energy and really knows how to work his fans and entertain. My friends were slowly trickling in but a few couldn't find the place and were text messaging me constantly, but we met backstage aftewards and became groupies, he he he.
Off to "Som" (a bar)we went as they were expecting the after party. Valenchino was ahead with his cute Mongolian friend, he kept turning around and we kept verifying with screams that yes we are his groupies. This started when Kang San-ae started to walk to the bar with us but was bombarded with fans and headed back to the venue to get his car, the scene was cute as young girls were screaming as well as older than me women running after him.

At Som there was some confusion as we were told it's for a private party plus some friends were already there who were also being kicked out. So everyone waited outside for San-ae to come and verify that we are the party! And let me tell ya once it got started it was wild!

It started civil with everyone trying to find some space to park themselves on the warm Korean floor (Ondol) and chatting to their neighbors as we were all mixed up. The drinks started to flow and they didn't stop. A few times in the night the bar received deliveries of more beer as we were drinking it all up. The mood was fantastic with quite a number of musicians and artists from all over the world. The music started, San-ae was singing Valenchino was drumming with a box he found a few other people joined in the jamming and showed off their talents. Then the dancing started as the bar had an extensive record/CD collection with everyone up on tables the bar or what little space they could find they were dancing their hearts out.
The night for myself and my close friends in the bar ended around 6am but then we walked around figuring out what to do as we weren't ready to go home. Hunger pangs hit us and as we walked and found traces of the party everywhere as everyone was eating in the late night restaurants or street stalls. We ourselves ended up having Gam-ga-tang (spicy Potato and beef rib soup) where the night really was coming to an end as my head felt heavy and yearning for my pillow. My one friend decided the subway was open and she was going home, I have no idea where she got the energy from as she lives over an hour away by subway!
Even last night I was out with a lot of the same people for a friend's birthday, but this time I left early as my body was crashing and I'm now with a cold.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great night!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!