Oh the joys of shopping!

Shopping in Korea is rarely fun as I'm unable to buy clothes or shoes so my closets are full of accessories as this is the place to be for such things. However there was one market that a friend of a friend introduced me to last summer.

The place was interesting with all sorts of things for sale. However getting there needed patience as it wasn't easy. We got lost but that's something that I love as we stumbled upon different streets catering to different clients. Like walking along refrigerator street then pork feet Restaurant Street to something similar to a car boot sale. The people with me were photographers looking for that interesting photo opportunity which was hard as the things for sale were super interesting.

Well last Saturday after my second visit with the dentist and half a frozen face I thought I would go to the market again as I was already in the area. I walked and walked I found the chair street then the printing street but not the market. I gave up after a few hours and went for some sushi. However I found some info on the net and as usual I looked on Naver (Korean version of Google) and found some blogs with some interesting photos too.

Love in Travel

Quilt Sale



Big Big World

However some of the photos are old as there was a lot of construction done in the area as they tore down the decrepit highway and rebuilt Cheonggycheon (stream). So they downsized the market from 1,200 venders to 400 which is sad as it's a great place to go as a tourist or a resident.