The big bad dentist is just a friend!

One of the best feelings in the world is in the mornings. As I lay in my bed knowing that I have to get up and start the day the rest of me is relaxed, comfortable and unwilling to unwrap the cozy warm blankie that I clutch so tight as if my mum is still there to rip it off at any given moment. However this morning I awoke to some weird timing as I turned on my lamp in my new dark bedroom at five thinking I was late, well far from it. However I was in the foulest of moods as I have two throbbing aches due to my fear of the dreaded dentist. So I called in sick and did all the red tape stuff one has to do in order to have the permission. And now I sit here at my desk in my home realizing that I have to soon get ready for the dentist chair ~ whaaaaah!

I have always been afraid of the big bad dentist, even though I worked in a dental lab and got used to the drilling sounds, but still I’m never prepared for those nasty long injections that probe your sensitive gums. Whaaaaah! I keep thinking that I am going to visit my friend Jin at work as he’s my dentist; at least I’m lucky there but as much as I like him as a friend he’s still that horrid person that brings pain. I know that it’s for the best but still it is PAIN!

Well I don’t think today’s visit will be the only visit I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of Jin for the next little while and maybe I will be more comfortable than I’ve ever been ~ well let’s hope.


Mandy said...

Yechh... I hate those needles so much I got my last filling without freezing. It was only a little one, thankfully! Good luck, Sharon. :)