Whahh me got a creative block!

I have a meeting coming up this weekend for Anyang Young Artist Group. We are to present our sketches for an interactive (for children) public art to be on display in a park that is famous for it's stream. However, I’m having some sort of creative block, I have no idea of what to do!

So, I had a little look around on the web to see what's out there, as let's face it, I haven't seen something like this for a long time and I'm what you call, "Out of it!!!" So anyway the following artists are what I discovered tonight and what I found to be interesting.

Michele Kong is an emerging artist is from the U.S. and works with some interesting materials particularly hot glue which reminds me of Mandy's hot glue dress which she made while we were attending college. I really appreciate Kong'’s sensibility as well as her play with nature and synthetics.

Nina Levy, creates what some (Art News) call “The New Realism". I find her works provocative and intelligent which invokes a deeper thought that sends you on an adventure into the narrative as you are left with your own interpretations.

Jacob Dahlgren takes patterns to a new level. Using everyday objects in a repetition it becomes art in it's own right as it's interesting to see what new pattern emerges as well as the beauty that it takes on as it's removed from being just that ordinary object.