Yes, I'm single but no thanks!

I recently realized what Helen Fielding meant in “Bridget Jones Diary” with the use of the term “singleton”. I enjoyed the book when it first came out, however I hard time relating to the character in some ways as I was a younger single gal at the time. Later we had “Sex and the City”, which I watched and came to love as the series rolled on. Now that I find myself in my 30s and still single I am starting to see what the stories all meant. I have some married friends who have said that they envy my single life as it means freedom. But what I hate is this portrayal that single women are obsessed with their looks as they are concerned with their many lovers as they hunt for “Mr. Right”.

What does this all mean??? Let me list the things that annoy me about being single.

  1. I’m tired of men approaching me and assuming that all I want are lovers. They bypass the small talk and cut straight to the, “let’s have sex” then have the nerve to say that I’m too picky.

  2. The phrase along with the tone that they feel sorry for you, “You haven’t found anyone special yet?"

  3. The other phrase that I hate,"You left it too late”. What does that mean?

  4. People telling me that they have it harder as they have children to take care of whereas I live a carefree life with no stress. So that translates to; it’s ok for me to stay and work late, it’s ok for me to babysit when I visit as I always have a night out, it’s ok for me to travel longer and further, etc...

I don’t mean to whine I guess what sparked it off was another guy asking me for sex tonight. Yes, I’m picky but when you see what men I have been meeting, you too would feel the same. I believe that there are great men out there as I have great male friends I have respect for myself and I don’t believe I need to prostitute myself in order to have a good date.

However I must add I’m not in the best place for a single gal like me to date. There are many good Korean men, however interracial dating is not readily accepted here in Korea there’s social pressure as well as families that are not supporting or even open-minded. The foreign men in Korea; well I must say I really don’t know. There are many messages posted on various expat websites talking about how annoying, sweaty, obese, ugly or hairy we Western women are, which in return shows the lack of men with respect for women or even the intelligence. The single foreign men are almost non-existent in my life in Korea they seem to have eyes only for Korean girls but I’m just someone they work with or whatever.

Anyway, respect goes out to people who choose their own paths, how boring life would be if we all lived the same way the same time and so on. We are meant to be different so please respect that!


Mandy said...

Oh hell, it would be far worse not to be picky!! As much as I'd be glad for you to meet someone that makes you happy, I'm much more glad that you don't settle for the wrong person. It would be terrible to see you with someone who wasn't worthy of you.

Sharon said...

Thanks Mandy, as that's how I view the whole situation. But I guess being in a society where marriage and family is really important as far as your social accpetance has something to do with the annoying comments.

Seeing your relationship with Zak makes me happy!