Daily Creativeness 4: Cheeky Wonderland

I spent the day cleaning up my studio space as the mess what driving me nuts, I need stuff in place. I like to pull out the materials I need depending on what project I'm working on. I love to use my Gocco, draw, make jewelry and sculpt, so you can imagine things can get crazy.

I did the 1111 show in Calgary last Sunday and I have mixed feeling about the show. I thought it would be a great way to network and even meet new friends, but some people can be snooty or just odd. I did talk to a few and boy, I sure felt old telling them I graduated from ACAD 13 years ago ~ where did the time go?

Anyway the show was a great opportunity for artists of all kinds to come out and show their work, however there is no chance for it to be curated so it can be a bit messy. I did appreciate some of the explicit artworks were in a space that was monitored as there were children around, and I'm not one for erotica art that to me seems borderline pornographic. I mean I like the Japanese erotic art or even some artists like Whitney Lee, but not guys painting nothing but high realism details of female parts, with female on female all over.

I was glad that I got to have a space almost to myself.

Cheeky Wonderland was inspired by many artists, like my friend Lim, Hee-jeong, Ren Lee (photos taken by my awesome friend Nayan Sthankiya) and some others I found on Flickr: marrazkiak and BoM-va + cOmeTA ! 2b.