Daily Creativeness 5: Cheeky Brooches

Wow, the new year is something else, I sure hope this is just a bad month. My grandmother was discharged from hospital on Monday after being admitted twice in the last two weeks. We honestly thought we may lose her, but my goodness she's a fighter!

We did though lose our accountant, who was quite a lively soul, each time we visited her she would talk and talk and talk. But now she's gone and a sudden death too, she died way too young as she was just 52! RIP Jolene!

My one friend was also stressed out as her father had surgery during the same week I was spending time in the hospital looking after my grandmother. Luckily her father is okay but to hear that her brother may not, is quite a blow and I really hope that he is well!

2009 just has to get better, I know this is the year of greatness after all there's a new President in the world arena that just may make sense of things ~ here's hoping and believing!

I also did some work since coming home this weekend as sitting in the hospital for over a week is just no fun at all! I listed the items below on my Etsy shop so check them out :)

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