Daily creativeness 2: buchujeon 부추전

The day started off with a sad note, as my camera has decided to not work. I'm upset as I only bought the Canon G9 in February in time for my trip around S.E. Asia and leaving Korea. Argh! I hope things go well with Canon as I bought the camera in Seoul, and to think my other Canon is still working fine that I bought in Daegu back in 2003, even though I dropped like a thousand times!!!

So, here's an older photo, taken with the same camera when I just got it. What's the picture you may say, well that's haemul jeon, 해물전, a seafood pancake that's just too good for words. It goes great with alcohol especially dong-dong-ju 동동주 a rice fermented drink that's one of my favourites.

Why did I take this photo? Well just like the title says, I made my first jeon today but I made a buchujeon 부추전 and with no camera, well you're just going to have to imagine it! I also made a prepacked kimchi stew, but tomorrow I plan on making fresh kimchi from scratch! Oh I also steamed some edamame, but I overdid it :(

Oh well tomorrow is a new day!


heejung said...

wow - you made 부추전? thats great to hear!!!

heejung said...

wow~~~you made 부추전!!!? nice~~~can i have some ?