1111 Home One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven

This weekend is going to be different ~ yay 2009!

I'm in a group show 1111 Home One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven where one thousand one hundred and eleven artists join forces to build a strong and diverse community of individuals. The culmination of their efforts is an exhibition from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on 01/11/2009 in Calgary.

It's the first time to be showing my art in Calgary since I graduated from ACAD back in 1998! OMG it's 11 years, I just realized the number LOL how fitting, gosh things are looking up! I've had shows just not in Calgary I was a member of Anyang Young Artists group which is just outside of Seoul, I was fortunate enough to be in a few of their shows as well as "art in the park" where some of my work was stolen :( I also was in the Minority Report show last January in Insadong, Seoul. So I've been active. However I really need to do some new work, I've been focusing on Cheeky Nado, that I haven't had time to create my own art, which I still want to push.

I'm also meeting up with Amanda and maybe a few other people I hope as we are planning to make a fun night of it, and I think the two of us deserve it. I haven't been dancing since Korea! Also the weather has been nasty, today the road was like a stage with dry ice, it would be fun if I was disco-ing but not to drive ~ however it was beautiful, I've never experienced a snowdrift storm before, I guess it's similar to a sandstorm.

Well folks hopefully I can find my old camera in my storage while I dig up my paintings and warm boots as my baby Canon is still not working ~ damn I forgot to call the service centre!