This is for you Mandy!

What an amazing defeat to be online! Okay so some of you may think there's no big deal to be online but you have no idea how difficult it was. I've been back in Korea for about seven months but I've been in my new apartment for about two months.

My last place, which was awesome, however the owner did a runner leaving the tenants in dismay! I asked for help to get the Internet hooked up to my home; asked I mean I don't speak enough Korean to walk into an Internet provider also I'm used to them telling me that I'm a foreigner and it's impossible. Well the problem was more stupid than that...seeing that my landlord took off, the tenants were not allowed to sign up for new services in fact we were given our eviction notices!!!!!!

Some of you already know the long and stupid story of how I was visiting home; when I say home I mean Canada. My school (my current employment) moved my apartment; they went into my place and packed up everything. They, I mean the school's cleaners (aujamas) came in and packed up everything, not the professional packing you would hope for if you heard someone packed up all your stuff! Anyway my vacation turned into one stressful trip worrying about my stuff and personal things if you know what I mean!

The tech came yesterday but was in shock to see an apple notebook sitting on my desk if that wasn’t scary enough it’s also in English. The poor guy fumbled around, I watched from behind as he tried to figure out how to open the computer to trying to open the Internet connection but instead he had the window that turns off the computer. I tried my best to help him, I also phoned my techie friend Nayan to help, but instead we laughed at how silly the whole situation is! Korea seems to have this Macintosh Phobia, they ask me why I still use a mac…. another story!

He returned today, he seemed to have not improved but miraculously he did it; don’t ask me how, but here I am! I asked if he studied last night, he seemed embarrassed and admitted that he did…he he he he!

Well after all that jargon, here I am writing my first post as a virgin blogger…so here goes!


Mandy said...

Yay, Sharon! I am so glad you are blogging, I really hope you enjoy it! You never did say, did you get an apartment you like in the end? It really sucked that your last trip here was so stressful, I hope next time I see you you will have less to worry about. Big hugs to you. I hope things will be going better for you.