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The Thinker
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Yay, it’s decision-making time again, Wahoo don’t you just love it when you have to make major decisions? Well every friggin year, I have to do such a thing. Some of my friends ask me why, why can I not just come home and things can be easier. Well I don’t know why I can’t go home, I’m just not into Canada or the UK at this point of my life.

So what’s the decision, you may ask. Well my contract is just about up at the college where I’m at, as it’s on a yearly basis here in Korea. I actually already handed my notice in, as I have to give 90 days notice. Anyway my boss was unhappy with my decision and has asked me to stay on with the college until the end of next semester, which will be February. Well this sounds like an okay thing to do.

Before I handed in my notice I asked if I could take four weeks off in August as I was told in the interview for this very job. They were curious as to why and I expressed that I want to take a course CELTA which is a four week program in numerous countries but I want to do it in Thailand. My boss agreed, however this has changed since I have handed in my notice. Now he has to check with Academic Affairs, who have no idea about who the hell I am, as they’re also the same people who set up my horrid apartment that I posted about earlier.

So now what????? To stand firm on my resignation do the course in August…or do it after I quit in September…continue with the school until Feb as its financially secure and less stress… whahh! Decisions, decisions!!! Also, if I do stay until Feb I can do the DELTA! ARGH!!!! Or I could make life easier and just get another job without the studying, why study, better job, better contract, better money and not trapped in Korea!

Also the CELTA is one month in Bangkok (my choice), and the DELTA a two-month course offered in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Have you made your mind up?

Anonymous said...

THat was me Jasmeet that sent to last message