It's been a while!

I know I've been somewhat missing for a while. Anyway some of you guys were asking me if I got the job, and the answer is yes. I started working last month and currently the school is on vacation for two months however I still continue to go as we offer English class for the kids. It's going alright, a little boring as not many kids show up as they are on vacation, however the schedule is sweet!

I will be flying to Canada next Saturday and will be hanging out with my parents in Calgary for a while then off to Vancouver. I really need the break as this kind of visit means hanging out with family and when you consider how much time I spend alone like this weekend, I really need to be around people.

I've been rather sick lately too, from the flu to food poisoning and two days ago I went to get my hair cut which is when the hair stylist pointed out that my scalp is really red and it's normally due to stress, she warned me that I could lose my hair, which is frightening.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to Mandy my dear friend. I can't wait to see you in Vancouver!


Mandy said...

Thank you, Sharon! I had quite a nice birthday, even though Zak is away. I am really looking forward to seeing you as well, we will have a nice little guest room in our new place, if you are staying with us. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick! I hope you feel better soon.